033: Stop Worrying About Money with J. David Stein from Money for the Rest of Us

David Stein produces and hosts the top-10 iTunes ranked investing podcast Money For the Rest of Us where he teaches over 25,000 listeners per episode about money, how it works, how to invest it, and how to live without worrying about it. So let’s dig in. Let’s meet today’s Master of Money…. Listen to This […]

Ally Invest Review | Best Overall Stock Broker?

  There are many options for putting your money in the market and growing your investment. If you’re looking for a way to invest your hard-earned cash, consider going with an online platform such as Ally Invest. Ally Invest stands out from other major online brokers because it offers both self-directed and cash-enhanced managed accounts […]

7 Different Ways to Score a Cash Sign-Up Bonus of $100 or More

Want some free money? There are quite a few companies who will pay you a sign-up bonus just for becoming a customer. Some of these companies will pay you over $100 for simply signing up and following a few basic guidelines. Robinhood $200 Free Stock (Open a Robinhood stock trading account and get a free […]

How I Raised the Rent on Our Rental Property without Being a Mean Landlord

This past year we lost a long-time tenant. Sad. While we were bummed to lose them. The change allowed us to raise the rent and improve the monthly cash flow. We increased the rent on our rental property by $300 – from $1,875 to $2,175 per month. That’s quite a jump. But it was necessary […]

015: How to Organize and Invest Your Money with America’s Millennial Money Expert Robert Farrington

Robert Farrington is America’s Millennial Money Expert and Founder of TheCollegeInvestor.com. Robert is on a mission to help millennials get out of student loan debt and start building wealth for their future. Robert is the quintessential master of his money. At such a young age in his early 30s he’s showing us all how it’s […]

Wealthsimple Review: Canada’s Best Robo-Advisor?

For almost a decade, Wealthsimple has offered Canadians excellent service as the largest robo-advisor in the Great White North. Their no-nonsense mission: bringing “smarter financial services to everybody, regardless of age or net worth.” Read on to learn more about what Wealthsimple can offer you, and what makes it different from other robo-advisors: What Wealthsimple […]

006: Achieving Financial Independence (and Happiness) in Your 30s with Brandon, the Mad Fientist

Enjoying these show notes from the podcast? Be sure to subscribe to the show in iTunes and you’ll get notified when each new episode is ready! Who is The Mad Fientist? The Mad Fientist (aka Brandon) is a computer programmer and highly accomplished “fientist” (a word he made up himself) originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He’s […]

Kavout Review: An Innovative AI Investing Platform

We recently wrapped up another FinCon and the second annual FinTech Startup Competition.  The competition is the first ever early-stage business competition dedicated to technology products and solutions for the consumer-facing personal finance and investing verticals.   The competition was presented in partnership with SoFi, who chose this year’s winner, Kavout, to participate in their Entrepreneur Program. Today’s post […]

Betterment Review: Robo-Advisor Investing

When it comes to investing, growth and capital appreciation are key. Therefore, it’s important to find a good balance between cost and an easy-to-use interface which simplifies investing. In my experience, the harder it is to figure something out, the less likely you are to use it. This is where robo-advisors shine, taking the guesswork […]

Personal Capital Review | All Your Accounts in One Place?

I love Personal Capital for all the free tools they offer. It’s a great place to aggregate all your accounts and see what’s going on with your money. From budgeting to investment advice, Personal Capital can be a one-stop-shop for your money. Here’s what you need to know about how Personal Capital works, how it […]

Easily Invest Your Spare Change Automatically with Acorns (Our Review)

  How to invest your money ought to be a basic life skill–like changing a tire, budgeting, and cooking for yourself. The sad truth is that investing is intimidating to many people. It can feel impossible to fill in this particular skill gap. Thankfully, that’s where the Acorns comes in. Acorns is a micro-investing platform […]

Investing in Lending Club: What You Need to Know

Lending Club is no longer taking personal investors, unfortunately. See some of the alternatives here. We’re leaving this article up for a while so that you can see what Lending Club did and so you can find the alternative peer investing platforms. There’s an excellent reason why Lending Club was the largest peer-to-peer lending network, […]

The Best Robo Advisors | Automate Your Investing?

  Here’s the thing. Investing should be for everyone. It shouldn’t just be for people who are already rich and can (and want to) pay for expensive advisory services. Robo advisors have helped more people get into investing and saving for their future without the costs of standard financial advisory services. According to a BI […]

What to Do If Your Tenant Breaks the Lease

Sooner or later, you’re going to get the dreaded notice from your tenant that they have to break the lease. No matter how much you prepare, it’s usually not fun to stop down and turnover a rental unit ahead of schedule. But there are some things you can do to minimize the pain, both before you […]

The Very First Thing You Have to Do When Getting Into Real Estate

You can invest in the stock market without meeting or knowing a single person. You can research, buy, manage and sell your equity investments online in the comfort of your own home. Unfortunately, you cannot do so with real estate. If you want to be a successful real estate investor, you need to embrace and […]

How to Put Together a Winning Taxable Investment Portfolio

Editor’s note: This is a an article from Jeff Rose, who wrote the book Soldier of Finance. Since Jeff is a CFP I asked him to share his thoughts on building a taxable investing portfolio – something I’m hoping to do in the near future. Here’s Jeff… Let’s face it, paying taxes is a major […]

Are Property Managers Worth Their Fees?

Someone will have to manage your property whether you are an accidental landlord or you plan to become a residential real estate investor. Who will find new tenants for you when yours move out? Who will handle complaints about leaky faucets in the middle of the night? Who will handle tenants who do not pay […]

What to Look for When Reading a Mutual Fund Prospectus

The intimidation factor of choosing an investment vehicle can be one of the reasons why potential investors might feel more comfortable keeping their nest egg in their mattress. Not only does it seem as though the financial world speaks an entirely different language from the rest of us, but we also know that making a […]