Introducing: The Get Rich Slowly Guide – Q&A with Author J.D. Roth

My friend J.D. Roth recently released the Get Rich Slowly guide. I sat down with him (over email, of course) to learn about the guide and get some extra insight for you guys. Here’s our interview: Why did you put this together? I founded Get Rich Slowly (the blog) in 2006. I wrote and edited […]

Inspiration to Keep Saving Money

Question from a reader: “How you do find the inspiration to keep saving money even when you don’t want to? I’m debt free and paying off my mortgage in the next 5 years (instead of the next 29 years!) so I’m looking for some extra inspiration. Thank you!” Here’s my answer (feel free to include […]

Turns Out Vanguard Age Based 529 Plan Funds Are Actually Based on Age

We’ve been investing in bonds and cash within my youngest daughter’s 529 plan. Doh! Earlier this week I was reading a r/personalfinance thread (great place for pf advice by the way) from someone considering the Ohio 529 Savings Plan. I’m a fan of that plan and so I chimed in with how I thought it […]

How To Do More with Your Money

Recently, Michael Delgado of Experian interviewed me for one of their Experian chats. We covered a lot of ground in the Google Hangout, including my journey into blogging, how to do more with your money, and even some beginner blogging tips for those who are interested in starting one of their own and possibly make some […]

The Privacy vs Frugality Debate: Saving Money Costs You

This is an article by Sam Lustgarten, a doctoral student at a midwestern university. We’re living in a surveillance society. Recent news and leaks from whistleblower, Edward Snowden, show that the American government has an intricate network — both foreign and domestic. The Washington Post recently reported that 56 percent of Americans approve of these surveillance […]

The Saving Squirrel and Other Ways of Teaching Young Children to Save Money

How do you teach kids the value of money and encourage them to save? This noble task is something many parents struggle with. Maybe you do too? Typically, our kids are not learning more than how to identify and count coins and dollar bills in elementary school. So it is up to us as parents […]

The True Impact of 529 Plans on Attendance, Affordability, and Financial Aid

I’m at the stage in life where I get a lot of positive pressure to put money aside in a 529 college savings account for our children. If you have children, I’m sure you get the same pressure. If you’re like me though, you took action and you opened up a 529 plan and have […]

Making Money Make Sense with Jean Chatzky’s Money School

It may only be spring, but it’s the perfect time to go back to school. You all know the importance of learning positive money skills. However, it can be difficult to know where to start with the overwhelming amount of money information available. That’s why NBC’s TODAY Show financial editor Jean Chatzky has decided to […]

How to Make Personal Finance Stick – The Shower and the Shovel

“Why is it I always get my best ideas while shaving?” –Albert Einstein We knew what to do. Debt was bad. No debt was good. Yet, we were socking away money in a 1% money market account rather than paying off the 6% student loans or the 7% mortgage. In our minds, my wife and […]

The Secret to Becoming Your Own Financial Expert

Are you an expert? Do you rely on anyone else as an expert? I was recently featured in’s 12 Days of Finance poll to find the most popular personal finance expert. I’m flattered to be listed in the poll. But it’s crazy that I would even be on the same page with any of […]

What NOT To Do At the End of the World

You can hardly have missed the hubbub over the supposed end of the world coming on Friday, December 21, 2012. This date is the end of the Mayan calendar, representing the last day of the 13th b’ak’tun. (A b’ak’tun is a period of time equaling approximately 394 years, and 13 of them equal roughly 5,215 […]

How to Pay for College if You Started Saving Too Late

I was talking with a friend the other day and she mentioned that I have a lot of good information on PT Money aimed at new parents who would like to help their kids save for college. She said, however, that she was interested in my opinion on what I would do if I were […]