Make Sure It’s Legal: A Cautionary Tale on Starting Your Own Small Business

Sometime during my elementary school days, my parents referred to me a "schemer". To their credit, that's probably how I would have described myself as I was always selling bubble gum, warheads (the candy, not the missile) and anything else I could buy in bulk and sell of at a profit. And even as I grew older, I've never stopped trying to carve out extra cash with unusual business ideas. My First Big Scheme While in college, one such idea was the re-selling … [Read more...]

The NFL is Teaching the World a Valuable Business Lesson

New rule: player that grabs the guy who catches the ball, has possession. I spent two+ hours last night watching the reaction of a football game that had already ended.  On Monday Night Football, the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Green Bay Packers by a score of 14-12 and anyone that watched the game could tell you the final score should have been Green Bay 12, Seattle 7.  The officials of the game incorrectly gave Seattle a final play touchdown they did not score, … [Read more...]

Bad Credit Could Mean You’ll Freeze To Death

My credit score has been a work and progress for the better part of my adult life.  Ever since I decided to take out more than $150,000 in student loans, I've been fighting with the three-digit dragon.  From the pits of a 414 credit score, I now sit somewhere in the 650 - 670 range, depending on which bureau you ask.  Pretty good considering, but it seems not good enough to stay alive during the winter. My wife and I just moved into our first new home in Connecticut … [Read more...]

British Airways Signature Visa and Their 50,000 Avios Bonus

Since the turn of the year, credit card bonuses have been dwindling.  That's a fairly common thing to happen in the first two quarters of a year as issuers pump up offers around the holiday shopping season, then pull back.  That being said, Chase has just launched the first new big bonus of 2012 with the 100,000 Avios promo the British Airways Visa Card is offering. British Airways 50,000 Avios Bonus To be clear, the British Airways Visa Signature® Card also had an … [Read more...]

What a $25,000 Wedding Budget Looks Like [Spreadsheet]

Last October, I decided to take the plunge and ask my girlfriend to marry me. She said yes, and just two weeks ago, we threw a lavish (at least that's how I would describe it) wedding in New Jersey. As if the day wasn't already filled with joy, PT and his lovely wife were able to attend (read about his frugal wedding)! For those who haven't been married before, there's a lot that goes into planning a wedding. There's even more that goes into planning a … [Read more...]

My Continued Troubles with

Years ago, when I was in debt by more than $200,000 from student loans, I used pinch every single penny.  Whether it was only buying things that we're buy one get one free or walking to places that we're more than two miles away instead of using my car, I was frugal to the bone.  As such, anytime my wife and I wanted to eat out, I would only go to a restaurant that allowed for coupons. Even more frugal (or cheap, depending on how you look at it), I … [Read more...]

American Express Personal Savings Account Review

If you've taken a look at the best high yield savings accounts, you know that interest rates are just pathetic.  Three years ago, I owned an Capital One 360 account which offered close to 4% APY and now it's impossible to find anything greater than 0.90% annually.  Only two banks today offer that kind of "quality" interest rate and one of them is the brand new American Express Personal Savings Account.  I decided to open up an online savings account with AMEX (I already … [Read more...]

Citigold Checking Account $400 Bonus Offer

My current checking situation is a simple one.  I have a standard Chase online checking account which  I used to write checks, pay bills and manage most of my finances.  Unfortunately a few months ago, Chase decided to charge a $6 monthly fee if I don't keep at least $2,000 in the account or make five debit card transactions a month.  And even though I'm safely avoiding this annual fee, I found a great bonus offer being given by Citi if you sign up for their Citigold® … [Read more...]

Get Your Free Credit Score with

With interest rates at banks continuing to decline, a good credit score is as important as ever.  Saving as much money as possible on debts like credit cards, student loans and mortgages can be accomplished simply by keeping an eye on your credit and ensuring that you've maximized your score.  The higher your credit score, the lower the interest rate will be on new lines of credit and knowing your score before you apply is crucial to maintaining excellent credit. One … [Read more...]

Firstrade Review – Online Discount Broker

Founded in 1985, Firstrade is a privately owned discount stock broker located in Flushing, NY. The company was originally named First Flushing Securities, serving the local community and wasn't renamed to Firstrade until 1997. A few revamps later, with the last one being just a few months ago, you now have the new and improved Firstrade, where you can buy and sell stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds and ETFs via electronic trading, using your mobile phone and even over … [Read more...]

$50 Bonus on Capital One 360 Checking Accounts – ENDING SOON

Capital One 360 is in the business of helping people save money; in your case, they want to help you make more money just by opening up a checking account.  I personally bank with Capital One 360, and I use their 360 checking account as my primary checking account. Think having an online checking account isn't doable? Check out my banking setup to see how I roll. Capital One 360 is currently promoting a $50 bonus for the 360 checking. Now you can profit from signing up … [Read more...]

Zions Bank Online Savings Account Review

Zions Bank, member FDIC stands as one of the oldest banking institutions in the United States.  In fact, it's Utah's oldest bank, founded in 1873.  Zions Bank currently employs more than 2,700 individuals in the states of Utah and Idaho in 125 total branches.  And while the physical brick and mortar business of Zions has sustained them for more than 100 years, it's their online services that are now becoming more and more popular with savers and investors. Zions Bank … [Read more...]