H&R Block At Home Online 2012 Review

H&R Block has long been known as the largest tax service company. They actually prepare 1 out of every 7 tax returns that are filed in the U.S. They do it with physical branches and with their online and offline tax software products. H&R Block meets you where you are at and gives you the choice: do you want to meet face-to-face with a tax professional, or do you want to do it yourself, either at home or online. If you need a local branch, odds are there is one within 5 miles of you right now.

If you just need tax software, you can quickly get it on their website at www.HRBlock.com. Increasingly, customers are taking them up on both services at once, as H&R Block features a “best of both” service where you get to complete your return using their online software and you follow it up with a tax pro just before filing. Their suite of products and services shows that H&R Block is committed to being the tax preparation provider that you choose each year.

H&R Block At Home Online 2012 Review

I used their software to prepare my 2008 tax return. The name has since changed (used to be called TaxCut), but the product is still the same, and the software is continually updated with tax law changes. The one knock I have against H&R Block is that they aren’t in the business of just tax software. So while they have a good product, it isn’t their only (nor primary) focus. They are first and foremost your local tax services branch. But I guess that has it’s advantages for some as well.

Their At Home product works just like you would think. You are required to enter in your personal information, then you are asked a series of questions to help you complete the return. You can stop and start and save your work. You can also jump around to various sections. There is a final error check, and then you are ready to file. Free e-file comes with each of their packages, but there is a fee to file your State return, like other tax software products.

Four Different Editions of H&R Block At Home Online

H&R Block At Home Online Free Edition (Free) – If this is your first time filing a tax return, or if you don’t mind entering all of your personal and important prior year information in again, then choose this edition. This version is aimed at those filers with a simple tax situation (i.e. no house, investments, or small businesses). E-file your State return for an additional $27.95

H&R Block At Home Online Software Basic ($19.95) – If you’ve filed with H&R Block last year then you will want this service. It comes with the ability to import your prior year information, so you are half way done with your return right from the moment you do the import. Like the Free edition, you really shouldn’t use this edition if you have a difficult tax situation involving a business, home, or investments. E-file your State return for an additional $34.95

H&R Block At Home Online Deluxe ($44.95) – This edition is aimed at the taxpayer who is also a home owner, or who owns investments (not including real estate). This edition will help walk you through the various itemized tax deductions like home mortgage interest, property taxes, and charitable contributions. If you have self-employment income, this still isn’t the edition for you though. E-file your State return for an additional $34.95

H&R Block At Home Online Premium ($64.95) – Finally, if you have self-employment income or own a business, or if you have real estate investments, you will need to step up to the premium edition of At Home. This is by far their best value. It not only contains the software to handle your difficult return, it also comes with one free session with a live tax professional (a $19.95 value). E-file your State return for an additional $34.95

At Home Guarantees and Audit Support

H&R Block goes to far as to provide guarantees for their At Home product. They guarantee that they will provide accurate calculations on your return or they will pay penalties and interest charges. They also provide a guarantee that you will get the biggest refund. If you get a bigger refund with another provider, they will refund your purchase. Finally, H&R Block offers free audit support to all of their online customers. So if you are ever audited, they will be there for you through the process right up until the actual audit meeting, and you can even hire them to help you there.

Customer Service

H&R Block proudly displays their customer support hotline (1-800-HRBlock) on their main support page. They also have the unique advantage of having local offices nearby to guide you through difficult questions. This can run you $19.95 though, unless you purchased the Premium edition. In that case, you get one free meeting. Their online portal has plenty of documentation to help you through the technicalities of using the online product.

H&R Block At Home Coupons

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Have you used H&R Block’s online product? What did you think?

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