130,000 Points for the Win: Results of My Second Credit Card App Party

Second App Party - Valley Forge

When the new year rolled around and my reward point balances started to dwindle I knew it was time to once again think about doing a credit card app party (see the results of year one). An app (application) party is when you sign up with several credit cards all at once to maximize your […]

Our Recent Points Trip “Babycation” to Tucson’s J.W. Marriott Starr Pass Resort

Tucson Starr Pass Resort

Mrs. PT does a fantastic job taking care of our family – the two girls and I – day in and day out. Since we’re about to bring a new member of the family into the world, we figured it was time for a babymoon getaway (i.e. a little pre-”babycation”). Or, as Mrs. PT and […]

Citi ThankYou Premier Card Review

Citi ThankYou Premier Card

There was a time not too long ago where a bonus like the one Citi has just launched would be accompanied by similar ones from other issuers.  However in the last six months; not a single credit card issuer has come forward with an up-front bonus of this magnitude, thus making the 50,000 bonus ThankYou […]

3 Reasons Every Frequent Traveler Needs a MasterCard in Their Wallet

MasterCard Ferris Wheel Berlin

This post was sponsored by MasterCard. If you’re like me, you like to be able to use your reward points credit cards when you travel. No one likes to be turned away at the register. You probably also like to enjoy a few extra perks (like early check-in, free breakfast, and discounts on attractions) when […]

Citi ThankYou Preferred Card –Bonus Point Offer $200 Gift Card Bonus

Citi Thank You Preferred Card

In an effort to provide consumers with a credit card they can use for just about anything, Citibank has launched a new line of cards, focused on high rewards and low fees.  One of those cards is the Citi ThankYou® Preferred Card – Earn up to 20,000 Bonus Points and for a limited time, all new […]

My New Balance Transfer Credit Card – Citi Simplicity MasterCard

Citi Simplicity Card Big

Now that I have a high enough credit score to take advantage of certain deals, I’ve been hard at work piling up the rewards.  My wife and I have had a lot of expenses in the last few months (between a sick puppy and an October due baby girl) and while I’ve been able to […]

10 Ways to Meet Minimum Spending Requirements For Credit Card Bonuses

ways to meet minimum spending requirements

So you applied for that new credit card with the huge upfront spending bonus. Now you’re left wondering “how the heck am I going to spend $xxxx.xx in x months.” You might not have even made it that far. You may look at those upfront spending requirements (e.g. spend $5,000 in 3 months and receive […]

Good News for Stay-At-Home Spouses: The Government Now Allowing You to Have a Credit Card

Stay at Home Mom Working

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) picked a new winner this week: stay-at-home spouses and “partners”. If you stay at home while your spouse or partner brings home the bacon, you can soon use household income when applying for a credit card. Like it or not, the new and controversial CFPB dictates what the financial […]

My First Credit Card App Party Results in 200,000 Bonus Points

Credit Report Card After App Party Credit Karma

A few weeks back I let you guys in on my first credit card application party/spree plans. I’m back with the results of the party. Below I’ll explain how the applications went, how my credit was affected, and how I’m doing in meeting my minimum spend requirements. In total it has been a success. I […]

British Airways Visa Signature Card – 50,000 Avios Bonus

British Airways Visa Signature Card Banner

The credit card market seems to be changing on a regular basis these days and one of the offers that never seems to last very long belongs to the British Airways Visa Signature Card.  Over the past few years Chase has been able to give away what is likely billions of Avios and they’re still […]

The Business Platinum Card from American Express OPEN – Limited Time Offer

The Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN Big

The mecca of all small business credit cards has to be The Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN.  When consumers think of spending power, the first thing that comes to mind is the AMEX Black Card, then the AMEX Platinum Card.  Well American Express decided to translate all of the big perks and benefits […]

How to Have Your First Credit Card “App Party” and Start Traveling for Free

Free Travel App-o-rama Party

You’ve heard of churning credit cards for cash back rewards, airline miles, and other perks, right? I’ve dabbled in this strategy (using credit card vs them using you). Last year I earned 100,000 airline miles through credit card signup and spending bonuses. But I’m just scratching the surface. I know a guy who earned over […]