10 Essential Personal Money Management Apps

Personal Money Management Apps

Poor money management excuses are running out for people with the introduction of the smartphone and the influx of personal finance apps.  As you may know, there are a wide variety of apps the can help the average person, or financially astute, budget, pay bills, save money, find deals and much more. Any smart phone […]

Capital One 360 Independence Day Bonus Bonanza is Back!

Cap One 360 Logo

Capital One 360 wants you to declare your financial independence from bad checking accounts, mortgage fees, and expensive online brokers. They have a very clever Independence Day Sale going on from Monday, June 30th until Thursday, July 3 at 11:59pm ET.  If you’re in the market for a new checking account, savings account, or online […]

Don’t be a Fool: Setup a Fee-Free Financial System

Foolish Financial Fees

Did you get fooled this April Fool’s day? If you did, now is your chance to redeem yourself. Today I’m going to show you how to set up a fee-free financial system. Getting dinged with an unexpected fee can make you feel like a fool. And paying for something when there’s an equal and free […]

Free Online Checking Accounts – Updated 2014

Free Online Checking Accounts

Checking should be free. Don’t you agree? I say don’t pay a monthly fee for a checking account unless you absolutely have to. After all, you’re loaning them your money. All they’re giving you is a debit card, some checks, and a few monthly transactions with a teller. There’s four different ways to go about […]

Fake ATM Robbery Gone Wrong, Plus Card and ATM Safety Tips

ATM Robbery Prank

Did you catch this ATM robbery prank-gone-wrong over the weekend? A group of young Australian guys calling themselves Reckless Youth on their YouTube channel filmed themselves faking ATM robberies. Innocent bystanders quickly run to the aid of the “victim”, and in the prank’s final round, the prankster thief gets a new nose job (not for […]

borro Review: Quick Cash for Your Luxury Items

Borro Review

Do you have a Kandinsky hanging in your home or an extra Bugatti in your driveway? What about an Hermes handbag or an Omega watch? If so, you could have them appraised and borrow against them through borro.com. Okay, so admittedly, most of us don’t have luxury items like those, but there are other items […]

GoBank: Taking Your Bank Out of a Building and Into Your Phone

GoBank Card and App

A bank where you decide which fees you want to pay, if any? In this age where you’re nickel and dimed for every single thing, is that even possible? GoBank is “banking” on the idea that you’ll be so pleased with their services you’ll want to pay them. But don’t expect GoBank to be a […]

Capital One 360 Black Friday Savings Spree

Capital One 360 Checking Banner

UPDATE – This promotion is now EXPIRED Capital One 360 is at it again, bringing their first Black Friday sale to potential new customers.. From the second Black Friday started until December 2nd at 11:59pm ET (Monday), anyone who does not currently have one of the accounts below can sign up and receive a very […]

Coin: Can It Replace All Your Credit Cards?

Coin Card Art

I’m a sucker for financially-related technology. We’ve writen about Google Wallet and the 2G Credit Card (which apparently flopped). So when I heard about Coin, I was pretty excited. Coin is an electronic credit card device that stores all of your other cards’ information (up to eight). This enables you to take just one card, […]

Overdraft Fee Regulation – Still Not Making a Difference

Bank Fees

When the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was created years ago, one of the primary objectives was to make sure that banks could not take advantage of customers.  Overdraft fees was high on the list of changes to make for the CFPB, as consumers we’re losing hundreds of millions of dollars each year simply by overcharging […]

Mutual of Omaha Bank Review – A Full Suite of Online Banking Options

Mutual of Omaha Bank Logo

The city of Omaha sure has it’s name on a lot of products doesn’t it?  Never having been to Nebraska myself, I would imagine the whole state is made up of banks, corn, burgers and steaks but there’s a lot of history in this city, and one of the most prominent American companies around happens […]

Capital One 360 Checking Review

Capital One 360 Checking

Today I’m going to give you my Capital One 360 Checking review. Not long after I opened my Capital One 360 Savings account I felt the need to have quicker, easier access to my savings. One of the best ways to achieve that is to add a Capital One 360 Checking account to the mix. […]