Remember Certificates of Deposit? Top 5 Year CD Rates are Below

Five Years SignCertificates of Deposit used to be talked about much more than they are today.  

I can remember listening to my father drone on and one about how our local bank was offering over an 8% return on a five-year CD; and how disappointed he was that the percentage was so low!  

Of course, my parents had a 12% mortgage and the prudent way to invest your money was putting it into an interest bearing savings or CD account so times were quite different.  

Today, anyone lucky enough to find a CD interest rate of 2% should lock it in as quickly as possible!

5 year CD rates are slowing (crawling perhaps) making their way back towards the 6% days of just a few years ago and for those not interested in taking any risk with investing their money, A long term CD is a great way to add to the bottom line.  

Below you will find the online banks with the best 5 year CD rates and all banks are FDIC insured for up to $250,000 per depositor ($500,000 per married couple).

The Best 5 Year CD Rates

Rate (APY)
Additional Info
CIT Bank Review
EverBank Logo
EverBank Review
Discover Bank Review
No Minimum
Ally Bank Review
FNBO Direct Logo
No Minimum
FNBO Direct Review
No Minimum
American Express Bank Review
No Minimum
Cap One 360 Review

The rates you see above are updated daily.

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