Betterment Review (2018 Update): Revolutionary Online Investing

Update: This comprehensive review now includes the latest on the revolutionary personal investing service, Betterment. Betterment is investing for the masses. If online brokers like E*Trade were a revolution for the do-it-yourself investor, then Betterment is part two of that revolution. Their goal: get more people to invest their money (vs parking it in savings accounts) by providing an ultra-simple, passive investing-focused, … [Read more...]

Personal Capital: Manage All of Your Financial Accounts in One Place

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all of your financial needs, from budgeting software to investment advice, look no further than Personal Capital. This online investment and wealth management platform offers you a comprehensive program for managing every aspect of your money, whether you are just learning how to budget or you are trying to determine the best investments for your multi-million-dollar portfolio. Here’s what you need to know about how … [Read more...]

TickerTags Review: Leveling the Information Playing Field for Investors

One of my favorite money-related movies is the 1983 Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd comedy Trading Places. The second half of the film revolves around Murphy and Aykroyd's interception of a critical USDA report about the orange crop forecast, and they use this inside information to profit from trades in frozen concentrated orange juice. While much of the film is rather dated, the issue of information only being available to those at the top is one that continues to … [Read more...]

Acorns Review: Easily Invest Your Spare Change [Automatically]

Knowing how to invest your money ought to be a basic life skill—like changing a tire, budgeting, and cooking for yourself. But the sad truth is that many people are intimidated by investing, and it can feel impossible to fill in this particular skill gap. Thankfully, that’s where the Acorns mobile investing app comes in. This free app (which is also available in a desktop version) aims to demystify the process of investing, using money that new investors will … [Read more...]

Investing in Lending Club: What You Need to Know

There’s an excellent reason why Lending Club is currently the largest peer-to-peer lending network, responsible for over $13 billion in loans as of September 2015. Borrowers enjoy better rates than they could find at a bank, and lenders receive returns that could be difficult to replicate with more traditional investments. Specifically, lenders have earned an average return of 9.65% since June of 2007. Whether you’re a newbie investor or a seasoned investing … [Read more...]

The Best Robo Advisors (2019 Update) to Automate Your Investing

Here's the thing. Investing should be for everyone. It should just be for people who are already rich and can (and want to) pay for expensive advisory services. The introduction of robo-advisors has helped more people get into investing and save for their future without the costs of standard financial advisory services. According to a BI Intelligence, "robo-advisors will manage around 10% of total global assets under management … [Read more...]

Think You Can Pick Better Stocks Than Me in 2015? Join Me in the Grow Your Dough Throwdown 2.0

Important Note: 99% of my investing is boring, focused on retirement, and involves tax-advantaged accounts and low cost index funds. I love it! What you'll read below is not part of that strategy and is just for fun and education - to show how easy it is to get started investing. In 2014 I participated in the Grow Your Dough Challenge - a year long "investing" challenge with several other financial experts meant to raise awareness about investing. I made 33% on my … [Read more...]

Final 2014 Signal Speculator Portfolio Update (+33%) – I Won the Throwdown!

Happy New Year! As you may remember, I dabbled in stock speculation in 2014. It was all part of a "Grow Your Dough Throwdown" in which I competed with other financial bloggers to pick investments for the year. Turns out, I won! My initial $1,000 portfolio appreciated by 327.05. That's a 33% return on my money. Not bad, right!? Here's how I did it. Jan 2 - Buy 59 shares of ADEP for $1,007.59 Mar 17 - Sell 59 shares of ADEP for 1,029.68 Mar 20 - Buy 161 … [Read more...]

$2,500 AAPL Stock Giveaway from Nvestly

We all know that personal money management has it’s fair share of challenges.  Sometimes you can feel like you’re on an island all by yourself trying to figure things out.  This may be especially true for some of you when it comes to investing for the future. There are certainly well-known options you can pursue to tackle the difficult task of investment planning.  You can work with a financial advisor as many people do, read investment banks, blogs and more.  … [Read more...]

Signal Speculator Portfolio Update (-0.7%) ADEP Flatlines [Grow Your Dough Throwdown Part 2]

Well, two months have come and gone and I haven't made a dime in my attempt at stock speculation. Cue the sad piano. I've been participating in the Grow Your Dough Throwdown with some other bloggers. Read Part 1. This contest has us each investing in the assets of our choice (stocks, funds, gold, businesses, etc) and competing to see who has the best return at the end of the year. I've decided to name my portfolio, the Signal Speculator (this is because I'm using … [Read more...]

Why Investing Women Rock and You Can Too

This article comes from friend and blogger Maria Nedeva. A couple of days ago I was browsing a forum on an investment-focused site. It was smooth reading, until I read: “...Women can't invest because their heads are full of shoes and handbags.” My disbelief rapidly matured into growing irritation. Hold on a minute! I like my handbags as much as the next woman, and I may not be an investing genius, but I am financially successful. I have an impressive, self-made … [Read more...]

My Approach to Stock Speculation in 2014 [Grow Your Dough Throwdown Part 1]

Today is the start of the Grow Your Dough Throwdown. I'm competing. This is my post sharing my investing strategy for the Throwdown. The Throwdown is a fun challenge my friend Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents cooked up. It's simple. Take $1,000 at the beginning of the year and invest it in whatever you want: stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, real estate, a business, gold...whatever. Whoever has the best return at the end of the year is the winner. Feel free to join in … [Read more...]