Can You Stop Investing When You Hit Your Retirement Number?

“The rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield.” — Warren Buffett Remember those ING ads where people were carrying around big orange random numbers? Those numbers represented the amount that they needed to have in assets to have a safe and secure retirement. The ads were trying to create awareness that there’s a magical, […]

[Warning Landlords] Don’t Forget Depreciation Recapture

Editor’s note: After I posted my recent rental property cash flow analysis, the topic of depreciation came up in the comments. My friend Jason Hull then offered to share his thoughts on the often overlooked topic of depreciation recapture. So here ya go… “Lay up your treasures in heaven where there is no depreciation.” –Unknown […]

How to Make Personal Finance Stick – The Shower and the Shovel

“Why is it I always get my best ideas while shaving?” –Albert Einstein We knew what to do. Debt was bad. No debt was good. Yet, we were socking away money in a 1% money market account rather than paying off the 6% student loans or the 7% mortgage. In our minds, my wife and […]