File Your 2009 Taxes for Free

This is an updated list of some of the top places to file your 2009 taxes for free.

It’s tax time! This is a big weekend for filers. Will you be filing your taxes this weekend? I may try and do my taxes prior to the Superbowl kicking off. That should give me some nice motivation to hurry it along.

You should have recieved most of your tax forms and information by now (what to do with an incorrect 1099). Go gather up all your required documents (see tax prep checklist), grab your beverage of choice, crank open your PC or Mac, and let’s get started.

Before you send everything over to a CPA, or download some expensive filing software, check out these free filing options from some of the top companies:

TaxAct Online 2009 Free Edition – TaxAct is a personal favorite. I used it for several years to file my taxes for free. They have a great online interface and allow you to work on your return, come back to it later, and print them when you’re ready to file. I never once had an issue with their online software. Solid product. Things have changed over the years though. TaxAct now offers the following for free:

  • Prepare, Print & E-file FREE for Everyone!
  • All e-fileable forms for every situation
  • FREE e-mail and audit support

CompleteTax Free – I’ve never used Complete Tax. They appear to have a similar business model as the others listed here. And they have a free version which is offered to those who meet these guidelines:

  • 1040EZ Federal form only
  • Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
  • Single, and Married Filing Jointly filing status
  • No children or dependents

H&R Block at Home Free Edition – H&R Block took TaxCut and repackaged it as H&R Block at Home this past year. I actually used TaxCut Premium last year to file. Didn’t have any problems to report. They did a great job with my return. Here’s my review of H&R Block at Home. They offer the following with their free file service:

  • Free Federal e-file
  • Step by step guidance makes it easy for first time users
  • Double-checks for errors
  • Some forms supported
  • Will not prepare returns containing self employment, stock transactions, rental property, farm or K-I income

QuickTax Free Online Edition – QuickTax is for Canadian filers, eh, and includes the following with the free service:

  • Free support by email
  • No downloads and no software to install – do your taxes in your Web browser
  • Your info is totally safe! QuickTax uses the same security features major banks do

TurboTax Free Edition – It’s no secret that TurboTax is the leader in the industry. They consistently help file more tax returns each year than all the other tax software services combines. Their free edition is no slouch. It offers:

  • FREE preparation, FREE printing, FREE efiling for your simple tax return
  • Guides you like a GPS through your simple tax return
  • Double-checks your return to make sure it’s accurate

Enjoy the weekend, the big game, and the free tax filing.

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  1. I’m using TurboTax, and my taxes are more complicated this year than they’ve ever been. I’m waiting on one last 1099, and I’ll be finished entering everything in. I like being able to enter forms as I get them and see how things change each time.

    Of course, LifeTuner is also handy for getting occasional tax questions answered. 😉

  2. Jo/Gaelicwench says:

    I used H&R Block at Home to efile for free. I used to always file my taxes at home with TurboTax. By the time it was all said and done, it cost me nearly $75 to use the online software. And IMO, it seemed to get more and more complicated on some of the deductions and penalties.

    H&R Block was concise without added or unnecessary language. Since mine was going to be pretty much straightforward, that’s exactly how I wanted to keep it.

    I’ll end up owing, but with refunds from two states, I’ll take those and apply it to what I owe for Federal taxes on April 15. I’ll also need to increase my withholding a bit more.