Slate from Chase 15 Month Balance Transfer with NO FEE

Balance transfer credit cards often provide the greatest savings for consumers even though they don't have big up front bonuses or rewards programs.  But even with the savings, one of the obvious drawbacks of applying for a balance transfer card is the balance transfer fee you'll immediately be charged.  Generally, this fee is 3% which only adds to the amount of debt a new cardholder has but for a limited time only, the Slate® from Chase is offering a 0% intro APR on balance transfers for 15 months, with NO balance transfer fee for 60 days.

The 0% intro APR offered on the Slate® from Chase also includes purchases made so for 15 months, this card will not charge any fee of any kind (as long as you pay on time and stay within your limit!).  Since this card doesn't charge a balance transfer fee, every cardholder will receive the maximum amount of savings within the twelve month interest free period.

Once the intro rate expires, the purchase and balance transfer APR becomes 11.99% – 21.99% variable depending on your credit history.  Remember to make your balance transfer within the FIRST 60 days, otherwise you will be charged a 3% balance transfer fee.

The bummer about owning the Slate from Chase is that it does not have a rewards program so once you've exhausted the intro rate, the card has very little everyday use.  This card doesn't have an annual fee, so there's no harm in keeping it in your wallet but try to avoid building up debt with this card … there are many other better credit cards available for everyday spending.

There's no denying that if you have credit card debt and would like a year of interest free payments, the Slate® from Chase card and the limited time offer of no balance transfer fee is perfect for you.  The no balance transfer fee offer is available on a select number of sites only until the end of the year, so to apply, use any link you find in this post.

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  1. The positive is that a 0% BT fee with 0% intro APR is hard to find these days. I think Discover also has a similar card. I’m curious what kind of credit line Chase deems appropriate. If you are card juggling, I doubt they’d give you much. Even if its 0% BT fee, a $3,000 credit line wouldn’t do you much good.

    I think Dave Ramsey’s snowball technique (pay off your lowest balance credit card first regardless of APR) works well to build momentum to pay off debt.

    • Philip Taylor says:

      @SunWKim As Michael said in the review, the card isn’t for customers with less than good credit. I would assume credit line would also be based on credit worthiness and other factors like income, and that it would not have a throttle just because of the no-fee transfer. I used a balance transfer card when I was paying off credit card debt and it saved me hundreds. There are plenty of people out there with credit card debt + good credit who could take advantage of this deal to help them in their debt snowball. Thanks for your comment.