What Your New Credit Card Bill Will Look Like

I've scoured the interwebs for images (or proposed images) of the new credit card bill designs that the credit card companies are coming out with. So, unless you're the type to pay credit card bill online, you will see this new design.  These changes, of course, are a result of the CARD Act, the credit card reform bill, that recently went into effect. I thought it would be useful to compile all these images so you can know what to expect from your credit card company.

American Express

  • More information about the new American Express credit card bill


Discover Cards

  • More information about the new Discover credit card bill.


  • More information about the new Chase credit card bill.


Although I couldn't find picture of a new Citi credit card bill, they do have a website that contains information about the changes to the Citi credit card bill.

Bank of America

Wells Fargo Credit Cards

What do you think of the changes? Will consumers use credit cards any less?

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  1. myfinancialobjectives says:

    It’s simply not sustainable. People are living way above their means, look at the current housing crises….

  2. @Craig – Yeah, I think it’s interesting how some have used it to be seen as providing education, and others seem to only make the edits and move on.

    @myfinancialobjectives – That’s a great point you make about the revelations.

  3. myfinancialobjectives says:

    I can see it now… Thousands of “mini revelations” occurring all across the country as people realize they should really strive harder to pay off their debt, rather than continue to pile it on. At least that’s what I’m hoping for…

  4. Craig/FFB says:

    What’s interesting is there is no uniform look. Each follows the law but is different. Still, I think its a great step in helping people manage their debt.

  5. Thank you for these screen shots. It is helpful to know what you will be looking at when the bill arrives.