Free Alternatives to GotoMeeting, GotoMyPC, and Carbonite

There's been a lot of noise lately about advertisers, politics, stock prices and such. I'm not going to get into the details. But what struck me is that many people pay for services from companies, when a free alternative exists elsewhere. You guys know I don't like paying for things that should be free. That's just crazy.

For instance, did you know that there is a free alternative to GotoMeeting? It's called MeetingBurner. Additionally, there is also a free alternative to the other Citrix product, GotoMyPC? I actually used it last tax season when I was doing returns for my Dad's firm. It's called LogMeIn. Works great! Finally, there is a free alternative to Carbonite, the very popular backup software. It's called CrashPlan.

The next time you find yourself forking over money for a service (especially if it's a subscription payment like the products above), take a moment to search for a free alternative. Just Google, “free alternative to product/service“. For the best results, limit your search to the last year.

Before you let anyone tell you you're cheap or “getting what you pay for”, ask them to do the research themselves. You know what you need from a service. If the free alternative can meet all your needs, then you'd be stupid to pay for a service each month.

The Economy of Free is here to stay. There will always be an entrepreneur who finds a way to offer the same product for free (i.e. they make their money on an upsell or different product). When this great free enterprise system of ours is allowed to work, then the free (or at least low-cost alternatives) find a way to break through.


  1. AliasgarBabat2 says:

    Hey, another very good alternative is use of RHUB`s remote support servers. It works on MAC, Windows, iPads, iPhones etc.