PeerStreet Review: My $10,000 Real Estate Crowdfunding Experiment

re you an accredited investor looking for a way to get involved in real estate investing without actually owning and managing a piece of property yourself? I have my own rental property, but I can't imagine taking on another one at this point. And the turnkey stuff either seems shady or too involved. So I've been looking at all of the various options, and asking some friends. Coach Carson, author of Retire Early with Real Estate, suggested I look into PeerStreet. … [Read more...]

The Cash Flow Analysis for Our Rental Property (at Year End 2017)

It’s time once again to do our annual rental property cash flow analysis. To see previous years, visit the link at the bottom of the post. wenty-seventeen was the absolute best year ever for our rental property: 100% occupied, no major repairs, not a peep from our tenant, and the biggest cash flow amount ever! If you're new to my recaps, this is property is our old personal residence - a Frisco, TX townhome we purchased in 2007 and converted to a rental property in … [Read more...]

How I Raised the Rent on Our Rental Property without Being a Mean Landlord

This past year we lost a long-time tenant. Sad. While we were bummed to lose them. The change gave us the opportunity to raise the rent and improve the monthly cash flow. We were able to increase the rent on our rental property by $300 - from $1,875 to $2,175 per month. That’s quite a jump. But it was necessary to keep up with rising property taxes and the increased demand for the unit. In this article, I’ll break down why you might want to raise your rent, how … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Invest in Real Estate (from $10 to $100,000)

[PT's note: This comprehensive article was contributed by Eric Bowlin from I first heard Eric on this Bigger Pockets episode. He lives here in Texas with me now and we regularly get together for lunch and talk real estate and business. Here's Eric....] t’s remarkable to see how real estate investing can create so much wealth. You see it everywhere – TV, the web, or your friend who randomly decided to flip a house, it seems like everyone is making money … [Read more...]

What to Do If Your Tenant Breaks the Lease

Sooner or later, you're going to get the dreaded notice from your tenant that they have to break the lease. No matter how much you prepare, it's usually not fun to stop down and turnover a rental unit ahead of schedule. But there are some things you can do to minimize the pain, both before you even sign with the tenant and after you find out they are breaking the lease. Let's explore this topic sure to leave your helpful comments below. My tenant (my … [Read more...]

The Very First Thing You Have to Do When Getting Into Real Estate

This is an article from Anton Ivanov, long-time reader and fellow blogger with an interest in real estate and online entrepreneurship Here's Anton... You can invest in the stock market without meeting or knowing a single person. You can research, buy, manage and sell your equity investments online in the comfort of your own home. Unfortunately, you cannot do so with real estate. If you want to be a successful real estate investor, you need to embrace and master the … [Read more...]

Are Property Managers Worth Their Fees?

Whether you are an accidental landlord or if you planned to become a residential real estate investor, someone will have to manage your property. Who will find you new tenants when yours move out? Who will handle complains about leaky faucets in the middle of the night? Who will handle tenants who do not pay rent on time? You, the homeowner, could handle all of these things yourself, of course. That is assuming that you live a reasonable distance from your rental … [Read more...]

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a House or Rental Property?

Editor's Note: This article is from Mr. PoP from He and Mrs. PoP are amateur Real Estate investors living in Florida. Feel free to let them know what you think of their advice in the comments below! Lately we've noticed a real increase in friends and family asking us about buying some real estate, either as a home, or an investment property. At the same time, we can't turn on the radio or read the local news without hearing something … [Read more...]

[Warning Landlords] Don’t Forget Depreciation Recapture

Editor's note: After I posted my recent rental property cash flow analysis, the topic of depreciation came up in the comments. My friend Jason Hull then offered to share his thoughts on the often overlooked topic of depreciation recapture. So here ya go... “Lay up your treasures in heaven where there is no depreciation.” --Unknown The very first time I bought a house, I had this grandiose idea of being a flipper. This was long before television channels like HGTV … [Read more...]

How to Buy A House with No (or Low) Money Down

Editor's note: This article is from Brandon Turner of These guys know their real estate. Even though it appears there are ways to buy a house without putting 20% down, you guys know I would say it's wise to put that much down so that you are shielded from market downturns, PMI, etc. The year was 2006. The real estate market was soaring, lending standards were loose, and even your pet iguana could get a loan. In this era of impending doom, … [Read more...]

Rent Collection: What’s the Best Way to Collect Rent from Your Tenant?

hat's the best way to collect rent from a tenant? When I decided to become a landlord, one of the areas that I gave the least amount of thought to was collecting rent. In hindsight, I should have determined my policy for rent payment and informed the tenant during the vetting process. Because I left it 'up in the air', I got a variety of suggestions from my potential tenants. Several tenants that performed poorly on their credit and background check offered to pay … [Read more...]

Finally Rented: Creating and Signing a Residential Lease Agreement

Okay, truthfully we didn't just rent our home. But it did take a while. We listed our home for rent in mid-June, and my tenant moved in on August 15th. It was an up and down couple of months as I explained in previous posts. I enjoyed fixing up the rental unit, but I wasn't a big fan of finding the tenant. Once we'd gone through all of that and found our tenant, it was time to make it official: create and sign the residential lease agreement. For obvious … [Read more...]