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Harmony Smith is the founder of Creating My Kaleidoscope where she writes about saving money, increasing her income with side hustles, DIY projects, and other adventures. Harmony has been featured in Business Insider, Money Saving Mom, and Rockstar Finance.

10 Ways to Save Money While Shopping at Whole Foods

Frugal shoppers may think they can't keep food cost low and enjoy the health benefits of organic food. Whole Food Markets is known for its organic selections and carries some fairly expensive, higher-end products. It's no wonder why many choose to shop elsewhere, but they are missing out. By following a few simple tricks, you can score big deals and save money while shopping at Whole Foods. 1. Bring Your Own Bags Before leaving home make sure to grab some … [Read more...]

7 Best Online Training Sites to Expand Your Skills

The internet continues to offer new and expanded opportunities for people all over the world. There are a number of platforms, often referred to as massive open online courses, that allow users to learn new things, without the typical time restraints or cost of more traditional educational options. Users can often access the course materials at any time of the day and night. Online training sites, such as Khan Academy and … [Read more...]

5 Savvy Tips for Saving Money on Your Next Trip to Costco or Sams

Warehouse stores have been around for years and have become a weekly shopping excursion for many suburban families. According to Wikipedia, 1983 marked the opening of Costco Wholesale and Kmart's Pace Membership Warehouse (later sold to Sam's Club). They certainly can be an attractive way for families to shop and save money. Why do you shop there?  Yes, you know you do.  It's because you can buy large wholesale quantities at a cheaper price which ultimately keeps more … [Read more...]