The Best Cash Back Credit Cards of 2014

Some savvy consumers only use credit cards to enjoy the cash back. No need for travel rewards or other perks. They just want a percentage back on their purchases. And they want this percentage back to come in the form of a cash back check whenever they want. It wasn’t long ago that the best cash back credit cards were going unused. Now, many consumers are playing the cash back game.

I cash in at least $200 annually in rewards from cash back credit cards and I never pay a dime in credit card interest. So how do you find the best cash back card? Well, it really depends on a few factors: how you earn the points, access and thresholds, as well as any fees or interest charges that might negate the use of the card.  In the below list of cash back credit cards, I’ve tried my best to consider all the factors above and give you a thorough review of each of the cards.

PT’s Pick for Best Cash Back Card

Citi Double Cash CardCiti Double Cash Card - A simple name with a simple and terrific rewards program, the Citi Double Cash Card is a brand new cash back credit card that offers the best rewards package in the industry.  Cardmembers will receive 1% cash back on all purchases made PLUS another 1% cash back when they pay their credit card bill.  Also included is a 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months, after that the APR becomes 12.99%, 15.99%, 18.99%, 20.99%, and 22.99% variable.

Last Edited: November 13, 2014 @ 10:59 pm
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  1. Sorry, but your information on PenFed Visa is not correct. As a user of this card, I know they have just changed their rewards policy… again. It used to be 5% on gas (before that it was 5% on travel), 2% on supermarkets, and 1% (was 1.25% before that) on everything else. Now it is 5% on gas and 0.25% on everything else, starting 2/1/2012. In fact, I found this page because I am going to change cards.

    • Philip Taylor says:

      Thanks. We’ll be sure to update our info above with the new %s and make the changes as they come into effect in Feb.

  2. Jeffrey Z says:

    You will get $50 bonus for opening a Discover Card using the following bonus link:

  3. I think there are many other great cash back cards out there which have high rewards.

    For instance, the Barclay Arrival card effectively pays 2.2% cash back on every day purchases, or the Amex Blue Cash Preferred (not the Blue Cash Everyday) pays 6% cash back for groceries and 3% cash back for gas (but comes with an annual fee of $75).

    Also, the U.S. Bank Cash+ card earns 5% on categories that you can select yourself (instead of annoying rotations). However, that card is rarely mentioned on blogs, as applications are in-branch only.

  4. Great review. I also think the Capital One QuickSilver card is also one of the best cash
    back credit cards. It offers 0% for 12
    months, no annual fee and 1.5% cash back on every purchase every day.
    Capital One has recently lowered their credit criteria from excellent to
    good, so it might be a little easier to get approved. This offer is available at