What I’m Doing Right Now

Right now I’m living in the suburb of Frisco, Texas (north of Dallas) focused on the following:

  • Eating right! I’m using My Body Tutor to lose weight and live healthy.
  • Staying active. I take classes at Orange Theory Fitness and Flywheel Sports
  • Trying to read to my three children every night.
  • Going on a date night with my wife once a week.
  • Politics. I’m a complete political junkie, after having sworn it off several times in my life.
  • Watching sports (although less and less each year). Go Saints, Rangers, Mavericks, and FC Dallas.
  • Playing sports. Pickup basketball every Sunday night.
  • Music. Pete Yorn, Chvrches, Passion Pit.
  • Bringing quality personal finance education and resources to the masses at PT Money.
  • Connecting the greater financial media world annually at FinCon.
  • Attending the following events to meetup with my friends: Affiliate Summit, Podcast Movement, and of course, FinCon.

(inspired by Derek Sivers and his now page project)

Last Updated: Late June 2017