Kickstarter Tips: Secrets to Running a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

What makes one Kickstarter campaign more successful than another? Kickstarter, and other crowd-based funding programs, are gaining popularity. What was once a small tool to raise capital in an unconventional way is quickly becoming a method for artists, creatives and even celebrities to jumpstart their business or product idea. According to Kickstarter’s stats, there have been over 107,000 projects launched on their website, but only 45,533 have been successfully … [Read more...]

10 Simple Tactics Business Owners Can Use to Increase Revenue

All business owners want to make more money in less time. But how? There’s so much to do and so little time to do it. No matter how you look at it, you will almost always have to trade some of your time for money. But that’s the key -- making sure you spend your time wisely and in the most impactful way. Here are 10 tactics you can implement to increase revenue, be more productive and spend less time wasting money. 1. Make Your First Hire a Smart One A lot … [Read more...]

11 Totally Weird Kickstarter Campaigns That Somehow Hit Their Goal

Kickstarter projects are funded on a simple premise: Create a product idea and reward backers for pledging money. Funding is all or nothing. If you don't hit your goal, you don't get any of the money pledged. While many Kickstarters seem destined to succeed, like an Amanda Palmer album or Veronica Mars movie, other wacky ideas have puzzlingly hit their goals, too. Here are 11 Kickstarter campaigns that hit their fundraising goal and will make you say: "People paid … [Read more...]

PTM 033 – Using a Passion for Language to Create a Multi-Million Dollar Business with Sean Hopwood of Day Translations

Today's podcast features Sean Hopwood, founder and owner of Day Translations, a full-service translation and interpreting business. Sean has a passion for languages and speaks many himself. Sean wasn't satisfied with his career in legal translation. He wanted more, and decided to start Day Translations while he was holding down another full-time job. Day Translations has grown from a one-person spanish translation company to a full-scale translation and interpreting … [Read more...]

PTM 032 – How to Use Kickstarter to Launch a Business with Max Valverde of Morninghead

Today's podcast features Max Valverde, founder and inventor of Morninghead, the revolutionary cure for bed head. Max launched Morninghead on, the online crowd-funding platform and achieved his goal times six. In this episode, Max shares how he came up with the idea, how he got the product made, and how to use Kickstarter to launch a business. Listen to the Podcast Podcast: Play in new window | Download Highlights from the … [Read more...]

PTM 030 – Going from Free to Paid Business Model with Phil Anderson of

Today's podcast featured Phil Anderson, creator of, the free online budgeting tool. Phil wanted a piece of software that would simply help him manage his money. He also had a strong desire to be his on boss. So he used his software development skills to build the tool that he needed. He shared it with the world for free and called it BudgetSimple. He has since moved from a strictly free model to free and paid versions. Phil has been able to leave his … [Read more...]

PTM 029 – How to Launch a Tech Startup Part-Time with Kristen Carney of Cubit

This episode of the Part-Time Money podcast is with Kristen Carney of Cubit. Cubit sells demographic data: $20 basic demographic reports, a web app that people use to pull demographic data, and a consulting branch that does custom data research. In 2009, Cubit took a small round of funding from a local Austin seed stage investment group. After the funding ran out, either Kristen or her co-founder worked a full time job while the other worked full time on … [Read more...]

How to Find Business Ideas that Work – Focus on Scale

As a blogger, I stumbled into a business idea that scales pretty efficiently. I can reach thousands of people each day with my words using the power of the Internet and search. When I say, "scales" efficiently, I mean my product/service (in my case, blog posts) can be served up to exponentially more and more people (as my site ages and I add more content) without incurring an exponential number of operating costs (other than the increased cost of web hosting). I … [Read more...]

How to Start a Babysitting Business (Without Being a Sitter)

Today's episode is all about how to start a babysitting business. This is my interview with Cristina Twigg, the owner of Easy Care Sitters, a NYC-based babysitting business/agency. Three years ago, as a receptionist at an advertising agency, Cristina started her own NYC-based babysitting agency. She has been running it on the side for the past three years now, and as it's been doing great! She's been growing at her current job as … [Read more...]

7 Small Business Mistakes to Avoid

When you're running your own business, it's easy to get lost in the weeds and miss some of the small business mistakes you're making. Here are some of the mistakes that I've made over the years, plus some mistakes that some of my podcast guests have shared with me. Caution, I'm still a work in progress myself so I'm probably still making many of these mistakes. 1. Being Cheap - One of My Biggest Small Business Mistakes When you're not making any money with … [Read more...]

PTM 025 – Start Your Own Sports Camp and Coaching Program with Jim Vitale of Vital Hockey Skills

The Part-Time Money Podcast is back, baby! In this episode I speak with Jim Vitale, owner of Vital Hockey Skills (get it?), one of the premiere hockey schools (camps and private coaching) in Toronto, and one of the fastest growing in North America! Jim is a classic part-time entrepreneur, as he's a school teacher full-time and Vital Hockey Skills is something that he's developed on the side over time (since 1996)! Jim Vitale of Vital Hockey Skills Jim's … [Read more...]

13 Experts Define What It Means to Be an Entrepreneur

"What is an entrepreneur?" Asking that question to a bunch of people and expecting the same answer is a little like asking everyone to spell entrepreneur really fast and expecting the same's not going to happen. Even the wikipedia page for entrepreneur contains several different definitions of the word according to different people over the past couple of centuries. So today I thought I'd share with you definitions from some of today's most notable … [Read more...]