19 Legit Work From Home Jobs with No Startup Fee

Back before the Internet connected us at all times, it was mostly reclusive novelists and temperamental artists who were able to truly work from home. Anyone who had the dream of being able to work in their pajamas was either stuck dreaming about it, or they fell victim to some sort of envelope-stuffing scam which […]

025: Earning, Saving, and Investing Your Way to Financial Independence with Mr ESI of ESI Money

John writes as “Mr. ESI” on ESI Money, a blog about achieving financial independence through earning, saving, and investing (ESI). He’s an early 50’s retiree who achieved financial independence, shares what’s worked for him, and details how others can implement those successes in their lives. I’m excited to share Mr ESI’s story with you because […]

7 Best Online Training Sites to Expand Your Skills

The internet continues to offer new and expanded opportunities for people all over the world. There are a number of platforms, often referred to as massive open online courses, that allow users to learn new things, without the typical time restraints or cost of more traditional educational options. Users can often access the course materials […]

How to Ask for (and Get) a Raise

When I was a shy teenager, my grandmother used to tell me “they can’t shoot you for asking” to help remind me that there was no harm in advocating for myself. This advice has been helpful to remember any time I have been nervous about asking for things—especially higher pay. Grandma’s advice is something most […]

8 Best College Degrees for Job Security in Today’s Market

A few years back, after working for peanuts for two years at a Boys and Girls Club, I decided to go back to school to become a teacher. Teaching seemed like a great career choice: I loved working with kids and I knew that teaching would provide me with job security for the rest of […]

10 Best Jobs for Stay-At-Home Moms and Dads

So you’ve decided you want to stay at home with the kids! The only question now is how you’re going to keep the little tykes fed and clothed while you’re enjoying your time with them. The era of a one-income family being enough to provide for Mom, Dad and kids (and save for college) is […]

5 Best Canadian Part-Time Jobs with Benefits

Canada offers its citizens a single payer health care system, which means that all Canadians are covered for basic health services. Knowing this, an American might be forgiven for thinking that employer-sponsored health insurance benefits would be redundant. But the operative word for Canada’s public health insurance is “basic.” The state-run system guarantees primary care […]

23 Best Part Time Jobs With Benefits (Updated for 2023)

Health insurance in the U.S. is out of control. And with the rise of the gig economy (folks making money as Uber drivers and Airbnb hosts, for example), more and more individuals are having to find and pay for health insurance on their own. This is NOT cheap. So, what are you going to do? […]

14 Insanely Easy Ways to Look Busy At Work (the boss will never know any different)

Being productive 100% of the workday is nearly impossible. But while distractions are inevitable, sometimes we’re simply faking it. With 70% of the American workforce “not engaged,” it’s not surprising to see workers looking busy when they really aren’t doing any work. With summer vacations coming up, it’s even more likely we’re getting less work done. See if […]

How to Apply for a Part-Time Job: The 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

If you’re like me, you start your job search efforts with incredible optimism. That lasts about a week. You might quickly realized that, while there are many part-time positions available out there, very few of them fit with your education and qualifications. Much less your own career goals. In desperation, you might started applying for […]

How to Find a Company with Great Work-Life Balance

When Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer officially canceled all telecommuting and work-from-home for her company earlier this year, the decision caused an internet firestorm. Everyone from Yahoo employees to business experts weighed in on the decision, alternately lauding the tightening of often-abused policies at Yahoo and lamenting the step backwards in 21st century productivity. Whether Yahoo’s […]

5 Money Moves to Make [Immediately] After You Get a New Job

You’ve landed a plum new job with a higher salary. That’s great! However, before the riches start rolling in, it’s vital that you consider what your next money move will be. After all, just earning more money doesn’t immediately erase any problems you’ve been having with money. Additionally, rushing out and spending it all won’t […]

Should You Keep Your New Job Search Secret?

  Are you thinking of changing jobs/careers? Wondering whether to tell your boss you’re thinking of quitting? At first glance I say no way, never tell your boss anything which could potentially come back to hurt you. But… What Your Boss Hears When You Talk About Another Job Here’s what could be going through your […]

How to Be a Great Server – Tips for Waiters and Waitresses

I used to work as a server (waiting tables) at Applebees. It was one of the best (and worst) jobs I’ve ever had. I think everyone should be required to work a few months as a waitress or waiter (called a “server” nowadays). It’s one of those jobs that really challenges you both physically and […]

Disadvantages (and Advantages) of Getting a Part-Time Job

What are you doing with your “other eight hours”? Taking on a part-time job on the nights and weekends certainly has a few drawbacks (time away from family, more work and stress, etc.). But I think they have more benefits than drawbacks. And they have huge potential to create a better life as well. Let’s […]

PTM 019 – Event Marketing: How Applying for a Craigslist Job Led to Traveling the World and a Nice Paycheck

I’ve got a double feature for you today. First I’ve got an article from Phillip Hines, promotional model and event marketing freelancer. I follow that up with a podcast interview with Phillip where he tells me all about event marketing and how to get part-time jobs in the industry. Enter Phillip Hines… You never know […]

PTM 016 – Working Multiple Part-Time Jobs with Joan Concilio and Adaptu

Today’s podcast is brought to you by Adaptu, the free, online money management tool and community. They were kind enough to find someone in their community, Joan Concilio Otto, to be on the podcast. Joan is the online and community news editor at the York Daily Record. However, Joan has several part-time businesses and jobs. […]

PTM 014 – Making Extra Money as a Starbucks Barista to Pay Off Debt with David Weliver of MoneyUnder30.com

Today’s episode features David Weliver, who at an early age knew he was living beyond his means and taking on too much debt. His solution: working at Starbucks part-time at nights on the weekends as a barista. In this interview David talks about what motivated him to go out and get a part-time job, why […]