Forget Cremation – Here’s How to Save Money on Your Funeral

There are few things in this world that are guaranteed. Taxes and death are two of them. Speaking of death, have you seen the commercials with those lousy actors that want you to buy extra insurance after letting you know just how much the average funeral costs. The commercial might be bunk (at least in theory simply because they want you to buy more life insurance) the cost of the average funeral is not. It's really about $5,000. Before you say it, you really … [Read more...]

The Top 10 Best Home-Based Businesses

In this day and age, finding employment can be tough. For some, it may be all but impossible, especially if a long stretch of unemployment has left you without childcare or a car. But, the good news is, there are more and more employment opportunities for people who are looking for work that can be performed at home, especially those looking to create their own business opportunities. Home-based business often have a lower … [Read more...]

[Free Forms] 7 Easy Steps to Writing Your Own Last Will & Testament

Editor's note: Perfection is sometimes the enemy of complete. This is definitely the case with personal finance, life insurance, and estate planning. The statistics show that many people do not have a proper Last Will and Testament. Since I'd rather see more of you have something (vs nothing), I'm going to present the steps to making a Last Will and Testament using forms you can download for free. Note that I'm not a lawyer and nothing here should be considered … [Read more...]

9 Badass States Without State Income Taxes (and How They Get Away with It)

As the federal tax filing deadline looms closer and closer, many people are starting their federal tax returns. For an unfortunate lot, a state income tax return is due as well. (Here's our list of the best places to get your taxes done) Most states within America have a personal state income tax, though not all of them. And, several of those that do not impose a personal state income tax have other ways of eliciting revenue from their citizens. States … [Read more...]

Lending Money to Family Members: Worth the Risk?

When it came to giving out advice, there were two things that my momma always said. One, never go to bed mad and two, never lend money you can’t live without. Of course, she never really told me how to deal with the guilt that came along with having to say no, but I soon figured out that having a guilty conscious was a lot less burdensome than having an empty bank account. Dealing with relatives who are constantly looking to you to bridge the gap between their last … [Read more...]

How Does a Reverse Mortgage Work?

Thinking about a reverse mortgage? You have probably seen the commercials for them on TV and heard them on the radio, but how many of you actually know how a reverse mortgage works? In a nutshell, a reverse mortgage is the polar opposite of a conventional mortgage. In a reverse mortgage, the borrower receives a monthly payment from the mortgage lender instead of making a monthly mortgage payment to the lender.  But, even though you are receiving a check from the … [Read more...]