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Jessica Bufkin has a degree in English and Journalism, which qualifies her for her role as Editor. She makes sure our deadlines are met and content is clearly communicated–and she tries not to judge us too harshly if we put a comma in the wrong place. She is also the Editor for SingleRoots.com.

borro Review: Quick Cash for Your Luxury Items

Do you have a Kandinsky hanging in your home or an extra Bugatti in your driveway? What about an Hermes handbag or an Omega watch? If so, you could have them appraised and borrow against them through borro.com. Okay, so admittedly, most of us don’t have luxury items like those, but there are other items […]

GoBank: Taking Your Bank Out of a Building and Into Your Phone

A bank where you decide which fees you want to pay, if any? In this age where you’re nickel and dimed for every single thing, is that even possible? GoBank is “banking” on the idea that you’ll be so pleased with their services you’ll want to pay them. But don’t expect GoBank to be a […]

These 11 Money Experts Share the Secrets to Finding Reliable Financial Advice

Do you struggle with knowing where to find reliable financial advice? You are not alone, according to TIAA-CREF’s second annual Financial Advice Survey. In fact, 48% of Americans struggle with the same thing. A leader in the financial services industry, TIAA-CREF employed an independent firm to survey 1,000 random American adults about their attitudes, behaviors, […]

LOYAL3: Investing for Ordinary People?

Note from PT: I asked my admin and editor Jessica, who is completely new to taxable investing, to give me her take on LOYAL3. Here’s Jessica’s LOYAL3 review… You no longer need Gordon Gecko and a large sum of money to invest in the stock market. LOYAL3 is an investing company for every day people […]