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Jason Steele is a travel and credit card expert. He contributes regularly to The Points Guy and a variety of notable travel and finance publications. Jason lives in Denver and enjoys traveling with his family and cycling. Follow Jason on Twitter @realjasonsteele.

The Five Best Credit And Charge Cards You’ve Never Heard Of

When you spend most of your days writing about credit cards, like I do, you become somewhat of a credit card connoisseur. And just as a self-respecting wine enthusiast isn't going to offer you a cheap box of wine from the corner liquor store, I am please to present you with a selection of some of the finest, and least appreciated credit and charge cards on the market. Morgan Stanley American Express Platinum - No list of fine cards would be complete without a mention … [Read more...]

The Key To Earning Free Travel With Your Credit Card

Suvarnabhumi Airport Terminal in Thailand Airline frequent flier miles have a bad reputation these days. And they deserve it. Carriers keep dangling the prospect of a free flight in front of their customers, only to offer no availability at the lowest mileage levels when it comes time to redeem miles for award flights. Worse, they add booking fees and fuel surcharges to what was once a free flight after taxes. Fortunately, there are still ways to find … [Read more...]

5 Easy Ways To Use Credit Cards Wisely and Make Them Work For You

When I was first asked to start writing about credit cards five years ago, I wasn’t even sure what the point was. At the time, I believed that credit cards were simple products and that using them is just as easy as paying any bill on time. After years of researching and writing about nearly every piece of information on the subject that is publicly available, (and some nuggets that weren’t), I learned that these little plastic cards are complex, yet powerful … [Read more...]