How to Prepare Your Wallet for a Disaster

Austin, who occasionally writes here at PT Money, is in his 2nd year of teaching English in western Japan. With the Japan Tsunami fresh on his mind, he generously offered to write a couple of pieces on preparing for major disasters. You can check out his personal finance site for 20-somethings at Foreigner's Finances. I teach English in western Japan and was here last month to witness first-hand the carnage that the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami had on the … [Read more...]

The Benefits of a Joint Checking Account For Your Relationship

Are you ready for a joint checking account? I like to have control over my money. I like to know where it is at all times and I don't like lingering IOU's. So when my girlfriend of two years and I started living in the same apartment complex last year and sharing groceries, it caused some tiffs. On top of that, we were over the chivalrous stage of the man buying all the meals and instead splitting dinners out. We were constantly trying to figure out who paid … [Read more...]