Add Your Blog to the Map

personal finance blogger mapSince our community of personal finance bloggers continues to grow, with new bloggers added all the time, I decided it would be worth while (at least somewhat interesting) to map out where all of us are located. Use the map for whatever suits you:

  • Satisfy your curiosity. See who blogs from your City, State, or Country.
  • Get free promotion for your blog (the marker bubbles contain blog links).
  • Connect with pf bloggers who live in your area. Plan a blogger meet-up.
  • Develop group writing projects based on geographical region (North vs. South, Canadian perspective, etc.).
  • Use the map on your pf blog or network site (see code below).
  • Whatever else you can dream up. Get creative.

Important Note: I will use the information you provide to plot your blog, so you can be as anonymous as you'd like.

Add Your Blog to the Map

Adding your personal finance blog to the map is easy. Simply email me at pt [at] ptmoney [dot] com with the following information:

  • Your Blog Name and URL
  • Your City (optional)* and State* or Country

*You can use any City or State that you like. It's up to you. Obviously, if you're looking for the networking benefits of this map, then you'll want to use real data. If you leave off the City, I will use the State's Capital city. Also, unfortunately the map overlays the marker points for markers in the same city. To remedy this, I may change your city to a suburb of the main city, OR group you with other bloggers in the same city. The information will only be used to plot your point on the map.

One Requirement

Your blog must be a personal finance blog at least 1 month old, publishing 3 times a week.

Get the PF Blogger Map Badge!

personal finance blogger map

Add this code to your blog:

<a href="" title="Personal Finance Blogger Map"><img src="" alt="Personal Finance Blogger Map" style="border:none;" /></a>