Your Financial Life, Explained By Dogs

Check out what our four-legged friends have to say about personal finance. They may have a few tips for you that you need to read! They are, after all, man's best friend.

Hope you’re having a dog-gone good time! Here’s your financial life, explained by our four legged friends…

You’re creative about how you stay cool when summers get hot.


Image by: TheChanel

You always make a second meal out of leftovers.


Image by: rmatei

You do a little dance on payday…


Image by: carterse

Then spend it all on shoes.


Image by: foundnotfound

You took paying off debt with “gazelle intensity” a little too literally.


Image by: MiiiSH 

You don’t mind cruising around in an older car.


Image by: OnTheWave

You just can’t cut that cable bill.


Image by: krossbow

You go all out making your own costumes.


Image by:

You cash in with a yard sale…


Image by: eliduke

because you’re all about the Benjamins, baby.


Image by: Yomanimus

Updating your budget really puts you to sleep.


Image by: tamadhanaval

Ugh, tax season again!


Image by: andrewr

You pick up a second job to pay the bills.


Image by:


Image by:

When life gives you lemons, you make yourself a martini.


Image by:

After all that hard work, a well-deserved vacation.


Image by: Christine Rondeau

Have your finances gone to the dogs? Or is your wallet well-trained?

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  1. CrystalBandyThomas says:

    That was so very well put!  I think I’ma goin’ to the dogs!