11 Totally Weird Kickstarter Campaigns That Somehow Hit Their Goal

Kickstarter projects are funded on a simple premise: Create a product idea and reward backers for pledging money. Funding is all or nothing. If you don't hit your goal, you don't get any of the money pledged.

While many Kickstarters seem destined to succeed, like an Amanda Palmer album or Veronica Mars movie, other wacky ideas have puzzlingly hit their goals, too.

Here are 11 Kickstarter campaigns that hit their fundraising goal and will make you say: “People paid money for THAT?!”

1. Puking Kitty Saucy Boat – Raised: $14,840


Takeaway: Proof that pet owners really will spend money on anything.

Like the name suggests, the Puking Kitty Saucy Boat is basically a gravy/sauce pourer shaped like a cat that looks like it's puking when you pour it out.

The 184 backers of this program are likely getting lots of laughs while trying to figure out what looks the grossest coming out of a cat's mouth.

2. Ostrich Pillow – Raised: $195,094


Takeaway: Powernappers don't care how they look as long as they get their rest.

This is the highest-grossing item on the list, allowing buyers to jam there head into a wearable pillow. Maybe it works, but it certainly looks silly.

3. Decentralized Dance Party – Raised: $1,022


Takeaway: One party, 200 boomboxes, and the most entertaining video on this list can make you $1,022.

Tom an Gary know how to throw a party, and they've got the beats to prove it. While only 36 backers agreed that “Partying is an art form that has the power to change the world” to put money behind this campaign, it did reach its goal.

4. 50ft Electromechanical Serpent – Raised: $10,560


Takeaway: Yes, it would be cool to throw on a cowboy hat and ride a mechanical serpent.

This serpent was designed for the Burning Man festival, which might make it slightly less surprising it hit its fundraising goal.

5. Griz Coat – Raised: $29,015


Takeaway: Perfect for those who want to keep warm while looking like a sports mascot.

While others campaigns on this list are artistic or a handy gadget, this one sorta falls in the middle.

Over 100 backers shelled out the $200+ for their own Griz Coat. It's basically a faux-fur coat that makes you look like you're wearing a real grizzly bear. Maybe it appeals to the animal hat crowd?

6. Grilled Cheesus – Raised: $25,604


Takeaway: Why spend thousands for real food “miracles” on eBay when you can grill your own?

For those who wanted their own taste of a biblical miracle, the Grilled Cheesus campaign provided just that.

Backers who paid $25-$35 for what's more or less a George Foreman grill that stamps a portrait of Jesus Christ onto sandwhich bread.

Backers who wanted more than just the Cheesus device itself could shell out $100 to get into the “Grilled Cheesus Hall of Fame” or $500 to get your name in the “Grilled Cheesus Anthem.”

7. The Imaginary Marching Band  – Raised: $10,665


Takeaway: Kickstarter is a petri dish for nerdy gadgets. The Imaginary Marching Band is no exception.

The concept is simple: put on this robot-like glove and use different hand gestures to play a variety of fake instruments.

All I can say is that I hope the 121 backers are composing better music than than the ear-splitting song heard in the demo video.

8. Detroit Needs A Statue of Robocop! – Raised: $67,436


Takeaway: Detroit is so serious about Robocop it NEEDS a statue!

For this Kickstarter campaign, it wasn't enough to suggest that a Robocop statue would be nice. Over 2,700 backers apparently agreed.

Despite the successful campaign, it's over two years later and the Detroit still needs a Robocop statue – this one is still being built.

9. Groundwalk Grass Sandals – Raised: $3,022


Takeaway: Can't find real grass to walk on? Get shoes made of fake turf.

For Kickstarter backers who'd prefer to walk of grass all the time, real or not, there's the Groundwalk Grass Sandals.

This Kickstarter can only make you wonder: how much longer before sandals with real, living grass?

10. Zombie-Based Learning – Raised: $11,886


Takeaway: Believers in a real zombie apocalypse also believe this Kickstarter has the answer.

The premise for creating this project was simple: the creator loves geography and loves zombies. So why not mash them together? 354 backers happened to agree.

This isn't just any old educational book, either. It comes complete with “lesson plans, assessments to gauge student learning, grading rubrics…” and more on a long list that concludes with “a narrative story that will follow the students as they learn for survival.”

11. World's Largest Jockstrap – Raised: $854


Takeaway: Kickstarter can help anyone set absurd records with a little help from some friends.

After reading through this campaign, it's not clear why this project came about. In any case, click over to the Kickstarter site and watch a virtual rendering of the jock strap spin around on your screen for over a minute.

What totally weird Kickstarter campaigns have you backed?

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  1. CommonCentsWealth says:

    Wow, I can’t believe people paid for some of these projects.  Some of them got quite a bit of funding too.  I guess it just proves that someone will back your idea, you just have to find them.