Searching for More Ways to Give? Check Out These 6 New Charitable Platforms

Give OnlineMore and more people are turning online and to their cell phones to give. I think this is great! It’s fast, direct, and safer than ever.

Online giving continues to be on the rise. Nonprofit software services provider Blackbaud stated in their 2013 charitable giving report that overall charitable giving grew 4.9% in 2013, while online giving grew 13.5%. Online giving alone accounted for 6.4% of all charitable giving in 2013!

The growth likely comes from the increase in awareness and number of methods to give. If you’re looking for more ways to give (both your time and your extra money), I’ve got a few here you can explore.

Give Money Directly Online or By Text

If you know what organization you want to give to, simply visit their website and look for the donate or give button. Most non-profits have the ability on their websites to handle a few different payment methods: credit or debit card, text message, bank draft, etc. This is how my family has given before.  We handpicked our favorite charities using and visited the websites direct to make a contribution.

You can typically set this up as a one time contribution or set up a recurring charge for ongoing giving. Another way to give on an automated, recurring basis would be to use recurring payments feature from your bank’s bill-pay account.

Give By Shopping Online

There are many websites online where you can shop for items you need and a portion of your payment will go towards the charity of your choice. Two of the most notable are and

Don’t forget couponing sites like Each time you use a coupon from their site, they feed a hungry child! You save and give at the same time!

Give By Surfing the Internet

You can use the search tool-bars created by or to give proceeds you earn from simply searching the Internet. These sites make extra money off of the ads they show you along with the search results. Then they share these profits with you in the form of a charitable donation to the organization of your choice. A very easy way to give.

Micro-Lend: Help Small Businesses Around the Globe

Another way to give online is to offer up your funds for an interest-free loan. At a site like your funds are used to help start a small business in a country where business loans are hard to get or non-existent. You get your funds back over time and you get the satisfaction of knowing that your money was put to good use.

Micro-Volunteer: Donate Your Small Chunks of Free Time

One very interesting way to give is to donate your spare time using the web or mobile application at They’ve synced up with several organizations in need of people who can micro-volunteer, on-demand, and on-the-spot using their computer or iPhone. You do things like tagging photos and answering quick surveys.

Use Giving Apps

There are plenty of apps out there you can use to make giving easier and convenient. Here are just a few you might consider exploring. Instead encourages living on less and donating extra money. Charity Miles lets you earn donations as you exercise for your charity of choice. Donate a Photo is Johnson & Johnson’s way of getting you to share a photo on their network.  Share a photo and they’ll donate a dollar to a charity you select. As you can see, there are all sorts of ways to give creatively from your smart phone.  Check out this article from Huffington Post for 7 more apps to explore.

Remember the Tax Deduction

Remember that if you itemize, your cash donations can be deducted on your tax return as a charitable contribution. Be sure to keep a record of your donation including your canceled checks, credit card or bank statements, and the acknowledgment letters from the charity. Your records must indicate the name of the charitable organization, the date of your contribution, and the amount your contribution.

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  1. Rob @ MoneyNomad says

    It’s always great to find some time and money that you can spend helping others. I believe that giving is a huge element of being financially successful. While I have heard of many of these – and enjoy using Kiva regularly – is a new one for me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kalen Bruce @ MoneyMiniBlog says

    I love Charity Navigator! I’m glad to see you mentioned it. I’m going to check out these apps too! I’m a sucker for cool apps and I love to give, so it only makes sense. Nice read!

  3. Emily @ Simple Cheap Mom says

    Wow, I had never even heard of most of these options! You make it seem to easy to give.