Unautomate Your Finances: A Simple Passionate Approach to Money

A new financial guidebook just became available that I really like. It’s called Unautomate Your Finances: A Simple, Passionate Approach to Money. It was created by Baker from Man vs Debt. I was able to get an advanced copy of the guide and thought I’d share a bit of my thoughts on the book. First, here’s what you’ll get with the complete package:

Unautomate Your Finances: What’s Inside?

A comprehensive 83-page eBook, featuring “The Unautomation Theory”, “The Science of Unautomation”, and “Applying Unautomation”. Over 25,000 words dedicated to providing everything you need to adopt a simple, passionate approach to money.

A 27-minute video interview with Leo Babauta of ZenHabits.net. Baker interviews Leo on how he applied the principles of simplicity and minimalism to dramatically turn around his financial life. Powerful insights from a leader in simplicity, blogging, and productivity.

Unautomate Your FinancesA 29-minute audio interview with J.D. Roth of GetRichSlowly.org, one of the top personal finance blogs on the web. J.D. joins Baker on a call to discuss his own financial recovery story and what it’s like now that he’s in the “third phase of personal finance”.

A 2-page, custom-designed PDF version (printable) of the minimalist budgeting system discussed in main guide.

A bare bones Excel template for those who want to take the minimalist budgeting system digital.

Free Extended Updates! Over the next 6 months, Baker will be releasing sample case studies, FAQ’s, and exclusive interviews… for free!

That’s a lot of information/inspiration for the small fee that Baker is charging. Read more about Unautomate Your Finances: A Simple, Passionate Approach to Money.

My Thoughts on Unautomate Your Finances

First, don’t be thrown off by the title. I’m a huge fan of saving more money using automated techniques, so I didn’t know if I would like the message in the book. But Baker isn’t against using automated tools like direct deposit and bill pay.  What he does stress is keeping things simple and doing it consciously.

But he doesn’t stop there with his message. His guide goes into great detail, giving you specific steps for simplifying your finances by spending consciously, simplifying your budget, and he shares his own debt reduction techniques which he’s used to pay off thousands of dollars in debt. This guide will no doubt challenge what you’re currently doing with your money and your life.

I know Baker and I know he’s put a lot of hard work into this guide. Give a listen to his video and see if you connect with his message. If so, I encourage you to pick up his guide. Unautomate Your Finances: A Simple, Passionate Approach to Money.

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