This Week is National Bike to Work (or School) Week

Bike to Work…and Friday, May 17th, 2013, is National Bike to Work Day. Are you participating? The month (started in 1956) and associated events are put on by the League of American Bicyclist (League) as part of National Bike Month.

It couldn’t be easy to participate in these events. Simply ride your bike. If you want to take it to the next level, you can participate in the bike to work (or school) week and ride your bike on your daily commute. If your commute is too long for a bike ride, park your car safely within a few miles of your place of employment (or school) and ride from there.

Commuting to work is growing in popularity. According to the League, from 2000 to 2011, those who said they frequently commuted to work increased by 47%.

The health and financial benefits of biking more regularly and using a bike as an alternative means of transportation are obvious. Biking can help you save on fuel and maintenance costs and if you do it enough it could help you save on health and medical costs.

Always wear a helmet and obey the traffic rules and regulations in your area.

To find local events in your area, simply search your browser or Facebook for “bike month your town“. Or visit the “Find Local Resources” section of the League’s website. Many retailers and restaurants are rolling out month long deals and promotions in support of bike month.

Those who want to extend their efforts should look into the 2013 National Bike Challenge, which runs from May 1 to September 30, 2013.

I’m participating in bike to work week. I’ll be sharing my results and thoughts in a post next week, but I wanted to share this news piece for those interested in joining in this week. Are you biking to work this week?

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  1. CommonCentsWealth says:

    I hadn’t heard that this was this week, but I will definitely do it.  I’m going to try to bike to work at least once a week all summer.  It will help me keep in shape and save money on gas.  Win-win situation there.

  2. Sweet!   I’m definitely participating and I didn’t even know it.  =)  I’m enjoying biking to work so much.  Hope you enjoy it too, PT!

    • Plantingourpennies Yeah, same here. I didn’t even realize it. But I’m glad to know I’m part of a movement. 🙂 I’ve enjoyed the past two days. It’s been tough at times, but I feel like I’m 15 again in some ways.