The Munny Journey Keepsake Journal

Munny Journey Baby Keepsake Journal

I was recently introduced to the Munny Journey Keepsake Journal, and I have to say, I’m really impressed.

Here’s my review of this really cool children’s gift that combines basic personal finance concepts with the hopes and dreams you have for your child.

About the Journal

The Munny Journey Keepsake Journal is modeled after traditional baby keepsake journals. Except it has a focus towards money, or munny. The book is both a keepsake journal, as well as an educational tool for first-time parents.

It contains 95 pages, including an area for keepsakes, pictures, your writings, and a fold-out Munny Mountain growth chart.

The journal is filled with wonderful illustrations, and also comes with an audio CD that walks you through some of the concepts in the book.

Munny Keepsakes

The journal has several pages to put some really cool keepsakes. There’s a spot for:

  • special coins (your State quarter and coins minted in the year of birth),
  • a place for your baby’s first dollar,
  • and my favorite, an “On the Day You Were Born” page, where you can record the financial events from the day your child was born.

There are also pages to records your baby’s first savings account, stock, etc. Very cool.

Compounding Interest: Grow a Munny Mountain

From an educational standpoint, you, as a parent, will be the one initially learning the basic financial concepts. While you might not use all the information in the book, odds are your topic of interest is covered.

The main theme throughout the journal seems to be the power of compounding interest, and how starting to save early can really make all the difference for your child’s future financial needs.

“It’s possible to create a millionaire by age 65 for just one dollar a day starting from birth.”

The Munny Mountain represents the total of your child’s savings, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. The Munny Mountain can be recorded and tracked on the fold-out growth chart provided with the journal.

Who Needs a Munny Journey Keepsake Journal?

Most new parents will love this journal. And if your kids are a bit older, don’t worry, you can complete most of the pages retroactively. I would highly recommend these for new parents. And these make great baby shower gifts as well.

The Munny Journey Keepsake Journal can be purchased straight from and is currently selling for $29.95. They also have a soft cover version for $10.95.

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  1. Peter Luke Baptiste says:

    Sounds like an interesting journal. I sure will check it out.