Go to the Movies – Money Saving Tips

Spider-Man 3 Opened May 4th, 2007.  According to Wikipedia, “the film’s budget is officially $258 Million, which makes it the most expensive film ever made in nominal U.S. dollars…”  With movies costing so high, you know they count on us consumers getting out to the actual theater to shell out the big bucks.  With tickets around $9 and extremely overpriced snacks, a trip to the theater for two can get pretty expensive. I can’t imaging what it’s like for those with kids.

Here’s how my wife and I prefer to handle our movie watching experience:

  • Pay attention to the reviews and only go see movies that are worth our time and money. One of my favorite review sites is rottentomatoes.com. It seems to be very balanced advice and it’s presented in an interesting way.
  • Wait a few weeks and go to an old school dollar theater. We’re lucky that we have a really nice dollar theater close by. Certain days of the week are only $.50. That’s hard to beat. But I think these are a dying breed.
  • Sign up for the frequent movie watcher program. This can often get us one free ticket every other month or so. And we always get a discount on snacks.
  • Ask your friends and family for theater gift cards for Christmas. We always get one of these every year even if we don’t ask.
  • Bring your own snacks. Now, we would never fill a big purse with popcorn or anything, but we do occasionally bring a bag of M&Ms in our pocket. Is this wrong?
  • Wait several weeks and rent the movies. A great way to save money on movies is to stay at home and rent with a service like Netflix. Redbox is also a very frugal service.

What are your tips for saving money at the movies?

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