10 Minutes to a Lower TV Bill

If you’re one of the few who survives without the use of satellite or cable TV service, I applaud you. I must say, I’m slightly jealous. I hate having to pay this bill every month…just not enough to quit my TV watching ways. For the record, if it weren’t for the upcoming NBA playoffs I’d probably drop my service right now.

But if you are like me, and have an addiction to this stuff, then it’s best to keep your “dealer” in check. They have a tendency to raise the prices on you once you’re hooked.

Lower Your Bill

Do yourself a service and call them today. Once you get through to someone, threaten to cancel your service in favor of cable (or satellite if you’re currently with cable). It’s best if you’ve actually seen an advertisement from the other companies. This can serve as a benchmark for the conversation. Use the following phrase:

“I just saw a commercial stating that I can get cable service for $x amount a month, I think I’d like to cancel my satellite service. It’s just too high.”

They will respond with an equal or better offer. Every time I’ve done this they always respond with a decent offer. They just can’t afford to lose you. Definitely not over a small percentage of your bill.

My Dish Network Bill

I did this just last night after I’d seen my latest Dish Network bill.  Although it took 5 minutes to get through, once I was on the phone with them it took 5 minutes to lower my bill.  I was able to lower my monthly rate and get three months free service (over the next 20 cycles).

Review Cable Provider’s Packages/Promos:

It’s a known fact that cable companies are on the constant lookout for their competitors’ promotional schemes and are always ready to come up with a similar promo. Always keep an eye on “packagers” – could be a cable service bundled with broadband internet access, telephone lines, cellphone post-paid plans, etc. Once you caught wind of one being offered by your current cable provider, immediately insist that you need the same perk implemented on your billing. Usually they do this to lure new subscribers but they’ll easily give in to requests from long-time customers.

Don’t feel like hassling with this yourself. That’s a-okay. A company like BillFixers will actually do this for you (call companies on your behalf) to get your bill lowered. I did it and saved several hundred dollars.

BillFixers: Bill Negotiation Service Price: They call your providers and negotiate your bills for you. Savings guaranteed. Get Started BillFixers: Bill Negotiation Service We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Have you ever tried to do this?  Leave your comment below.

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  1. ISP Blogger says

    All of us want to lessen our consummations on such that we called need and those wants. What we really need to do is to discipline ourselves to limit our usage and also knowing such information helps to minimize excessive consummation.

  2. Yea, I’ve threatened a time or 5 myself. 🙂 It works, and helps my frugality bit out, but only saves 5 bucks per call it seems. I hate being at the mercy of them also… Grrrr, I’d love an alternative, or maybe I’d just love a way to get off the TV addiction I have… 😉

  3. @Emily – Yep, that’s kinda how it works. Good for you for sticking to the basics.

  4. I survive without anything but ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX

    bring on the cheers 🙂

    i refuse to sign up for an introductory awesome offer because I know I’ll get sucked in and not want to cancel when they jack up my rates.