Top Savings Rates from a Local Bank [PurePoint Financial Review]

This article was sponsored by PurePoint™ Financial. However, all contents and opinions expressed are my own.

PurePoint Financial has been making waves lately with their new branches and their simple, safe, no fee, online savings account featuring a leading APY with a $10,000 minimum.

Today I’m going to share more about this new bank and my experience connecting with them in my local community.

Have Something Worth Saving For?

Sure you do. Like me, you have big dreams and the occasional unexpected expense. Saving some money in a separate account is a smart idea, and you know it.

Some of my current savings goals (beyond retirement) include:

  • emergency savings
  • a new (to me) car
  • new flooring for our home
  • property taxes (ugh!)
  • our kid’s college education

You can get a deeper look into these goals of mine by checking out our current list of savings goals page. What about you? What are you currently saving for?

Let’s be honest. It’s been hard to get excited about savings with interest rates from banks well below 1% for quite some time. PurePoint is leading the charge to change that, and offer something new in an online savings account – local branches.

PurePoint Financial Review

Here’s my full review of PurePoint Financial:

Old is new again. Don’t worry that you haven’t heard of PurePoint Financial before. They are a new brand. They were created by their parent company MUFG (one of the oldest and currently 5th largest bank in the world).

Simple setup. I sat down with PurePoint Financial at one of their Dallas financial centers and learned about their admittedly simple offering:

  • Online Savings Account – $10,000 minimum – Top Tier APY
  • CDs – 12 mo, 18 mo, 24 mo, 36 mo – $10,000 minimum – Top Tier APY for a 12 month CD.

PurePoint doesn’t offer any other financial products. But they do offer local financial centers. More below.

I spoke with Adam Weisner, Head of Client Services, from PurePoint Financial when I was visiting one of their community art installations and he assured me that the rates above weren’t teaser rates and that they were able to offer them based on their cost-efficient model.

Safe and sound. PurePoint Financial is FDIC Insured and is backed by MUFG, one of the most established financial institutions.

PurePoint Financial Center Visit by PT MoneyHybrid bank perks. PurePoint bills themselves as a hybrid digital bank. And they are.

Something I’ve long wanted from the high-interest online savings accounts that I feature on this site (and use personally) is a simple physical connection point. PurePoint offers that.

PurePoint has the following locations in Dallas currently:

  • Preston Sherry Plaza, 8201 Preston Rd, 2nd Floor, Suite 270, Dallas, 75225
  • Berkeley Square, 4701 West Park Blvd, Suite 102, Plano, 75093
  • Park Village, 1141 E. Southlake Blvd, Suite 510, Southlake, 76092

They also have financial centers open (or opening soon) in Houston, Chicago, New York, Tampa, and Miami.

The center I visited was very nice! There were 3 savings professionals there for me to speak to, a kiosk/desk for me to handle any banking transactions, and a fully stocked refreshment bar (tea, coffee, sodas, and even chocolate).

Sign up with PurePoint Financial and start saving more today.

Unlock Your Future with PurePoint FinancialRight now, PurePoint Financial is offering something special to all of my readers/listeners in Dallas.

You may have noticed on social last week that PurePoint is letting you – literally –  unlock your future through their red door art installations and opportunity to win $10,000 toward your savings goals.

This sweepstakes has now ended. Thanks!

Recently, PurePoint Financial placed red doors across Dallas.

I went to see the one in Klyde Warren Park. What did they unlock? Murals by local Dallas artist Haylee Ryan, inspired by what Dallasites are saving for.

Haylee is a Dallas-based figure painter who has completed a variety of mural projects. She was also named one of Dallas’ 10 Most Brilliant Women by the Dallas Observer.

Visit to find a location near you and to learn more.

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  1. It would be reassuring to have a physical location in the Denver/Aurora metro area to visit if I had questions.

    I would put down a deposit ASAP.

  2. Do you know if Denver is on their radar for opening locations? I think the highest IR I’ve seen is Ally at 1.05%; however, they don’t require a minimum. Can you comment on what happens if the balance drops in case of an emergency?

    • Philip Taylor says

      Great questions. I couldn’t find anything about Denver or having a < $10k balance. I will contact them to see what they have to say.

      • Philip Taylor says

        According to PP, they aren’t releasing info on future locations right now. So that’s a big “maybe”.

        Also, according to PP, If a client drops below the $10k balance requirement, the interest rate will drop to .25% Annual Percentage Yield. Once they reach the $10k minimum again, the interest rate will automatically readjust to the going savings rate at that time.

  3. Is this 1.25% for a limited time…