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This is a guest review of by Lauren, a regular reader, frugal mom, and avid movie watcher. If she could only watch one movie the rest of her life it would be The Sound of Music.

How We Got Hooked on Netflix!

Since having our daughter, we’ve been searching for the best movie renting options. We started watching movies at home, which turns out much more convenient, and we still get that valuable “alone” time.

We had several options in our home movie watching experience and have tried all our options. After Blockbuster and Redbox failing to meet our needs, we chose Netflix, which offers convenience and saves both time and money.

Netflix Review Greatness!

Why We Recommend Netflix

I would recommend Netflix on the basis that it is straight-forward, simple, and reasonably priced. With Netflix we appreciate the flexibility to keep our movies as long as needed, as well as the quick turn around to receive the movies back.

They offer plans ranging from $4.99 to $47.99 a month, giving you the ability to stick within your budget. Plus they carry over 100k movie titles so you have many options to choose from. I would without a doubt recommend Netflix to anyone interested in saving time, money, and still getting a good movie in.

Netflix Review Mailings

How to Sign Up for Netflix

The best way to sign up for your Netflix account would be through your account. I signed up and got the free trial promotion plus $18 dollars back after I paid for the subscription when my free trial was up. If you don’t already have an account check it out here and get started making money off of purchases, like a Netflix account.

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  1. When I first signed up with Netflix they had a lot of good movies….well, that has changed.  Old TV shows, old documentaries and very old, junk movies.  Definitely not worth $8 a month!

  2. Thanks for the tip, Rob. I should probably do an updated review soon.

  3. you can now stream live movies to your tv via a PS3 or a Wii with netflix. Both require a disc from Netflix to put in your gaming console, but the disc is free and shows up in a couple days. Great for finding a kids movie quick when you need one.

  4. Tiffany Willis says

    We’ve loved Netflix for a long while now. I’ve used it as well as a teaching tool for my 9 year old. He’s 100% responsible for managing the queue, knowing what’s on the way, what’s ready to go back, etc…It’s really taught him some responsiblity! He is similarly responsible for what we rent from the Blockbuster store.

    Has anyone given the similar Blockbuster program a try?

  5. If you have an XBox, you can watch any of the NetFlix Instant Watch titles for free too – it’s fast, looks good and it’s included with a NF subscription.

  6. i really recommend getting a roku player (linked from netflix’s site) for $100, too. we did that as a christmas gift to ourselves and *love* it – it hooks up to your tv and to your internet, and that way you can watch anything in your netflix instant cue on your tv for free. this is while you have your regular quota of physical dvds. it’s so fun for us to just pick a friday night movie or somesuch, and you can take the roku with you on vacation, too, so you can watch movies instantly out of town (as long as there’s internet access). i swoon over our roku.

  7. I’ve tried Netflix for a month before, maybe its time to give them another try. My wife and I often rent movies on the weekend for $3 plus tax a pop, so I know it would save us money. And I’ll have to check and see if I have an ebates account.