5 Questions With The Money Life Network Members: My Investing Blog

I recently joined a blog network called the Money Life Network with four other personal finance bloggers (plus two more!). Each week, I’m presenting an interview with a member. Up next is Hank from My Investing Blog.

What would you like readers to know about you and why did you start MyInvestingBlog.com?

Well, the extended version is in my about me page, but in summary just another guy that started off pretty poor. The family didn't have much growing up so we learned to save and preach the frugal aspect of everything. When I got my first job I had been very conscious about what and where my money was. I would keep good tabs on it and realized that I was taught just to SAVE money and never INVEST money.

So I started digging around the personal finance realm and had so many questions and comments for everyone. I figured, hey this sounds like something right up my alley and MyInvestingBlog was born.

What are your favorite topics in personal finance (i.e. what do you like to write about) and why?

I started out the blog focusing strictly on “investing”; where my money is, what it is doing, what I'm interested in investing in next, mutual funds, etc – I dig that and still occasionally talk about those, but I'm more geared now towards general financial news and personal experiences these days it seems; where gas prices are, how to save on certain items, my experience with products and services, etc.

I really like writing about them because I can write how I'm feeling. Writing strictly about “investing” gets a bit boring and as it turns out, more people are looking to see a personal side of a blogger, not just the facts.

What would you tell those people that might be thinking of starting a personal finance blog of their own?

I actually get that question at least once or twice a month. 🙂 I usually start by pointing them at an article I wrote about it: “How Do I Publicize My Blog? A Personal Finance Blog's Lifeline From “Start-Up” To “Staple”.

It's a good place to start and I've had some good comments/reviews on it. Basically it gives a how-to on the path I've taken to get to where I'm at now.

In quick summary:

1. Post often at the beginning
2. Keep focused on your niche
3. Don't get frustrated nobody is “finding” you; don't expect people the first 3 months

What would you consider the single most important thing people can do for their finances?

Keep contributing! A lot of people I talk to don't realize the power of compounding interest. They say, “Well Hank, I can only contribute $20 a month, that's not going to be enough for retirement.” Well yea, $20 isn't going to be enough, but keep dumping $20 every month for 30 years and you're looking at a shiny 50k when you've only put in half that.

Keep your eye on the prize, and when time ISN'T your friend when you're talking about your body, it is MOST DEFINITELY your best buddy when you talk about your finances.

If you had to pick three of your own posts to call your “favorites”, which would they be?

A New Investment Idea – Pay Someone To Pick Up The Phonebook That Gets Dropped On My Door Every 3 Months That I (And Millions Of Others) Never Use! – Big debate in the comment section by the few supports of the YellowPages that are left. Clearly they have a stake in it. 🙂

My Comcast Bill Is $160.24 Per Month; What Am I Possibly Paying For!? – Another post that actually got Comcast to take a look and cut me some checks to cover it; this post got me 300$ from Comcast. 🙂

Do we need a MANDATORY financial education curriculum in our schools? – Always a hot topic, and I really enjoyed writing it. Why NOT have a class like this instead of Home Ec, or Shop class? Which is going to benefit you more going forward in life? 🙂

In parting, Hank adds. “Everyone go check out the Money Life Network!”

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