My First 401(k) Rollover

I just mailed off my 401(k) rollover application along with the distribution check from my previous employer’s plan. I recently changed jobs, and this is the first time I’ve been able to roll my 401(k) balance over. At previous job changes, I didn’t have a balance to roll over. Sadly, I didn’t really get into saving heavily in my 401(k) until my last job, three years ago.

It was a relatively painless process. Both plans are with Fidelity, so I received my check from Fidelity and then mailed it back into Fidelity with the application. Funny that I had to do all of this being that Fidelity managed both accounts. I called Fidelity and they stated that the SEC requires this.

Are you a former teacher and have an old 403b? Here’s a article on doing a 403b rollover to an IRA.

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