10 Hardcore Money Tattoos to Express Your Financial Self

Think you’re dedicated to earning more, spending less, and getting out of debt? How about getting a money tattoo to prove it?

Here are 10 money tattoos from those who are (maybe a too little) passionate about debt, savings, and more.

1. He’s done with credit card debt and a mortgage. Forever.

Debt Free Knuckle Tattoo

Image by BMEzine.com

2. Don’t bother asking him “cash or credit?”

Cash Only Tattoos

Image by quenluen

3. Why smash a piggy bank when you can roast it?

Piggy Bank On Fire Tattoo

Image by Kevin Keene Tattoo Artist

4. He’s got money on his mind and his mind on his money.

Money On My Mind Tattoo

Image by remogrilli3

5. He just wanted to get his money’s worth for this tattoo.

100 Dollar Bill Tattoo

Image by imagineartistry.com

6. Never forget: Every penny counts.

Penny Tattoo

Image by Mez Love

7. Why pay for internet when you can find it for free?

Free Wifi Tattoos

Image by kninaisgreat

8. Always has money up his sleeve.

100 Dollar Sleeve Tattoo

Image by Claudio (@MrEspo) March 13, 2012

9. He only has eyes for…cash.

Eyelid Cash Tattoo

Image by bme.com

10. The best of the money tattoos: the one that gets you paid.

Space for Rent Tattoo

Image by thebadastronomer

Which of these money tattoos would you get inked?

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About Jeffrey Trull

Jeffrey Trull is a freelance writer and blogger who enjoys getting a few laughs while helping readers pay off debt and spend money on what they love. His work has been featured on MSN Money, Money Talks News, and The Dough Roller. Find more of his writing at jeffreybtrull.com.


  1. CommonCentsWealth says

    Haha, some of those tattoos are ridiculous (okay, most of them are ridiculous).  I will never get a tattoo so, unfortunately, I won’t be using any of these designs.

  2. @debtblag says

    To the extent that tattoos are an expression of who I am (And yes, I’m currently inked), I wouldn’t get any money-related tattoos. The whole point of my frugality, debt payment, and investing is so that I can get money out of the picture and focus on what really matters to me and what I really want to define me.