Money Hacks Carnival #1 – Hacked Gadgets Edition


Welcome to the Money Hacks Carnival!

I'm lucky enough to be hosting the 1st edition of the Money Hack Carnival. However, I can't take credit for dreaming this thing up. You can thank my friend Pinyo for that. He's the creator of Moolanomy (an excellent personal finance blog) and the Money Hackers Network, a place to discover great personal finance blogs.

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This carnival is hosted by volunteers (like next week's host, Being Frugal). Here are the minimum requirements to host:

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If you are interested in becoming a host, please contact Pinyo with information about you and your blog.

Hacked Gadgets Edition

OK, enough of the administrative stuff. Here's the goods. I've decided that the theme of today's carnival will be “hacked gadgets”. I've scoured the web for some of the coolest gadget hacks around. Some you can do yourself and some can even save you money, like this first one:

How To Hack A 12 Volt Battery (save $40)


Frugal Hacks

You Tell Me: Where do you find the deals? posted at 🙂
My Debt Story (Part Three): A Life of Frugal Abundance posted at Antishay Ventenne. 🙂
Reduce and Eliminate ATM Fees | Green Panda Treehouse posted at Green Panda Treehouse. 🙂
Five Quick Driving Tips for Gas Conservation posted at Daily Money Hack.
Money saving tip: Free mobile phone directory posted at Get Financially Fit!.
How Do I Enjoy Money? posted at The Baglady.
Can You Retire On Less Than $3,000 A Month? posted at LIVING OFF DIVIDENDS.
Top Ten Tips – Hitting Holiday Sales posted at Tip Diva.
Two for Tuesdays #3 posted at Money Hacks.

Turn Your iPhone into a LoJack with Findme


Credit Hacks

Reallocating Credit Limits for Bigger Balance Transfers posted at My Dollar Plan. 🙂
Reasons Why Your HELOC Can Be Your Emergency Fund posted at Quest For Four Pillars. 🙂
Don't Be Tempted to Save 10% By Opening a Store Credit Card posted at Be Thrifty Like Us.
Top 0% No Fee Balance Transfer Offers posted at Money Blue Book.

Nintendo Wii Laptop!


Investing Hacks

Beat the S&P500 and Earn Real Money at posted at Moolanomy. 🙂
Paying for Financial Advice: part 1 of 3 posted at Millionaire Money Habits. 🙂
Simple Strategies to Inflation Proof a Portfolio! posted at FIRE Finance. 🙂
Socially Responsible Investing: Part I- Where Do I Begin? posted at Greener Pastures: Personal Finance.
The secret to investing when stock markets are falling posted at
How To Start Investing In The Stock Market posted at Stock Market Investing For Beginners.

Turn an RC car into a floor sweeper!


Real Estate Hacks

Look Up The Facts About Your Neighborhood Rentals With Zilpy. posted at My Two Dollars. 🙂
Home Values – What to Offer posted at Dollar Frugal.
Thinking About Money The Rich Dad, Poor Dad Way posted at Enhance Life.
The REAL American Dream (Hint: It?s NOT Owning A House!) posted at

iPod Shuffle in a Nintendo Controller


Other Hacks

How Do You Negotiate Salary? posted at Cash Money Life. 🙂
Pay All Your Bills at the Same Time: Change Your Payment Due Dates posted at Prime Time Money 🙂
I think I'm growing up….. posted at Single Guy Money. 🙂
Why You Should Consider a Personal Liability Umbrella? posted at Are You Going To Be This Way The Rest of The Time I Know You?.
How Recession Happens? 8 Tips to Prepare for it! posted at KCLau's Money Tips.
Ebiz Tax Tips: Do I Have To Report My Online Income? posted at Tax Tips for eBay Sellers.
Creating Wealth posted at Cranendonck Coaching.

Thanks for stopping by to check out the Money Hacks Carnival.

Photos: by rooreynolds, ? Sigalakos, Ian Muttoo, oskay, mybloodyself, technicolorcavalry

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    Great job hosting the first carnival! I love the theme.

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