Money Advice for New Graduates Heading to the Real World

Know a recent high school or college graduate in need of a few tips for managing their money? I know I needed help with my finances back in those days.

I had the pleasure of guest blogging over at the Quicken Online blog today, and shared an article titled, Your Future with Finances: From College to the Real World. Here’s an excerpt:

“Post college, we get a strong desire to step up to better accommodations, a new ride, nicer clothes, etc. The feeling that you should reward yourself isn’t a bad one. Just don’t let it get out of hand and start living at or above your new means. If you can maintain that frugal college mindset and keep your spending under control for just a few more months or even an extra year, you’ll be so much further ahead.” …read more.

So as not to leave the high schoolers out, here’s an article I wrote a couple of years ago: Open Letter to a High School Graduate. An excerpt:

“You may not be earning much over the next few years, but very little is needed now in order to have a big impact later. It’s true that there is more time to save later, but your saving will never be as effective as it is right now. So, if you haven’t already, begin saving and make it a part of your normal routine.” read more.

Have any good money tips for graduates? Leave them in the comments below..

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  1. One piece of advice I wish I had been given is when you get that new job, and if they have a 401k and on top of that if they match any contributions, take FULL advantage of that. The power of compound interest is insane, and anyone would be crazy not to take advantage of free money from their company in the form of matching contributions.

    I’d have so much more money to be buying up these cheap stocks for trading had I actually contributed and taken advantage of their matching…. *sigh* live and learn!

  2. My Journey says

    Your friends that seem to be balling (yes, I am hip with the slang) are usually not as well off as they seem. Do not fall into the trap.

  3. Jeff@StretchyDollar says

    I don’t have much advice, but I’m looking for some! I’ll be a new graduate in August!