Quick Money Tips: Break Free of Materialism

Quick Money Tips: Materialism

Are you swimming in a sea of “stuff”?

In today’s edition, we take a look at materialism. It's one thing to want to steward your money well so that you can live a comfortable life. But we need to deal with the root problem that got us into so much debt to begin with: our addiction to material goods.

Are you amassing so much “stuff” that you're in need of extra storage space to help hold it all? Or are you constantly looking around at other families and what they have, comparing it to your own, and buying more to make you feel better? Does your life feel cluttered because of all that you own?

Best Quick Money Tips

Living With Less. A Lot Less – “For me, it took 15 years, a great love and a lot of travel to get rid of all the inessential things I had collected and live a bigger, better, richer life with less.” Of course, this was written by someone who had a windfall of money from a successful start-up, but I believe he makes some important points.

Wealth, Risk, and Stuff – This Tumblr post was written as a rebuttal to Graham Hill's NY Times article above. “When rich people present the idea that they’ve learned to live lightly as a paradoxical insight, they have the idea of wealth backwards. You can only have that kind of lightness through wealth.” Both posts, taken hand-in-hand, leave us with a lot to think about in regards to wealth and materialism.

How to Escape Materialism – Tony from You Only Do This Once says we are being pushed towards materialism but it is possible to escape it (to a certain extent). He shares his tips in this post.

Shopping Addiction Is Real–and It's Not Just Women – While we're on the subject of amassing more stuff in our lives, there could be real issues behind our need to acquire more. This author says it affects approximately 10% of us.

How I Got Out of the American Dream – Our own PT Money staff writer, Carrie, shares how she paid down $150,000 worth of debt in 3 years.

More Quick Money Tips

Five Positive Money Lessons Parents Are Teaching to Their Kids – Do your kids a favor and start teaching them about money early. Don't know where to start? Consider these 5 things.

How to Get Good at Making Money – If you're a small business owner, this is a valuable read from Jason Fried, who owns 37Signals.

3 Ways to Get Your Small Business Ready for Mobile – Also for the small business owner, is it time for you to start connecting with mobile consumers? Check out Mashable's recommendations for your mobile optimization.

7 Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell – If you're getting ready to put your house on the market, staging is key.

How to Ron Swanson Your Life and Save $100 a Month – Parks and Rec, anyone? This fun post actually offers some good tips for saving.

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  1. DebtHelpOrg says:

    Experian_US ptmoney I recently read a study that said wanting an item brings more satisfaction than actually purchasing it. It’s true!

  2. CollegeMomCFU says:

    We are swimming in a sea of stuff inherited from both of my depression era grandmothers. My daughters want some of the furniture, but are in college and have grad school in the future. So, we’re trying to come up with a plan that allows us to keep some things for the girls – things they will actually use – yet also allows us to cut the clutter in the upstairs rooms where all the stuff landed last year.