Quick Money Tips: Living Below Your Means

Living Below Your MeansWelcome to PT Money’s Quick Money Tips, a roundup of the latest and greatest money tips from around Internet.

In today’s edition, we look at living below your means–whether that is being less wasteful or avoiding bad loans or other ways to keep a tighter rein on spending. Living below your means is one of the most important things you can do to improve your financial life.

Best Quick Money Tips

The Overhang Theory: How to Live Below Your Means — An interesting post on “The Overhang Theory” of finances, Mint.com takes a look at living large and living small and the lessons we could learn from each.

29 Ways You Waste Cash — From college to convenience fees to disorganization, there’s bound to be something on this list you haven’t considered in your efforts to save money.

5 Loans of Last Resort & Why You Should Avoid Them — In a financial pinch? Take a look at these 5 loans and consider all other options first.

The 11 Best Short Term Investments for Your Money Right Now — Jeff Rose answers the question of the best way to invest $65,000 short term. Hint: The stock market is not one of the places he suggests.

Is It Better To Buy Or Lease a New Car? – I highly recommend buying slightly used cars vs absolutely brand new. But this article tackles buying new vs leasing. Everyone’s situation is difference and this piece gives you all the factors to help you decide.

More Quick Money Tips

The New Money Apps — This Wall Street Journal article lists new budgeting and personal finance apps, as well as discusses the trend of more and more consumers towards using technology to help with their finances.

You for Sale: Mapping, and Sharing, the Consumer Genome — And while we’re on the subject of technology, many might not find it surprising that they’re being tracked online, but they might find the extent of the capabilities of the data being mined.

How to Keep Your Sanity as a Busy Entrepreneur — If you’re beginning any business project of your own, you know how difficult it can be to set boundaries so you have balance in your life. The Digerati Life offers some good tips to keep in mind so you don’t lose yours.

Can Batch Processing Make You More Productive? – I’m a big fan of batching my work, especially on the conference I run. Jason splits time between family, work, and his blog (among other projects) and so I know he’s pretty efficient. Check out his strategy.

The Business of Independent Digital Media – If you’re an online content producer, or Entreproducer, you need to check out this new, free resource from Brian Clark of Copyblogger fame. I thought the Jason Calacanis video was very insightful.

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