Quick Money Tips: Jobs in a Tough Economy

Finding Jobs in a Tough Economy

Looking for a job? Any job?

In today’s edition, we take a look at finding jobs in a tough economy. There seems to be a certain expectation in our society to have a fulfilling job, a job that means more than just a paycheck. But when you need to pay the bills it really can be just about the paycheck.

It isn't always glamorous to take whatever is available, but providing for yourself or your family takes precedence over the romance of a dream job. You may have to take what you can get, where you can get it. Even if it means part-time or moving across the country.

Best Quick Money Tips

When Finances Hurt: How I Survived On Minimum Wage – While only earning minimum wage is far from ideal, it is feasible. This is a testimony of how you can make it work and even stay happy through it all.

Part-Time Work Becomes Full-Time Wait for Better Job – You may be looking diligently for a full-time job, but you're only able to come up with a part-time job. There are a few reasons why this is happening so much right now and there are some things to expect from these part-time jobs.

Should You Consider Moving Cities for a Job? – Since it can be so hard to find a job these days, moving can seem like a viable option to get the job you really want.  Before you make the move there are three questions about cost of living, quality of life, and family benefits to ask yourself.

How I Made $10,000 Selling on Amazon – If traditional jobs aren't panning out, you can always look for new ways to earn some cash. This article offers insight on how to make Amazon work for you.

Kids Skip College – Not Worth the Money – The current job market can be unkind even to those with a degree. There are some alternatives to college that may help jump start your career and they won't leave you with a mountain of student loans.

More Quick Money Tips

Are Health Savings Accounts Going Away? – Does your family take advantage of a High Deductible Health Plan and the tax benefits of a Health Savings Plan? Read how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act may affect and drive up the cost of these plans.

What Are You Teaching Your Children? Make Money Visible In Your Home – With the almost exclusive use of credit/debit cards and online payments, the idea of money is far from concrete for children. These simple ideas will help your children better understand finances and help them become responsible money managers, too.

If You're Waiting for an Inheritance, You are a Sick, Entitled, Teat Sucker – Here's a wake-up call for anyone sitting around expecting an inheritance. There are even a few pointers for parents needing to have an inheritance talk (or lack thereof) with their kids.

96 Month Car Loans Wreck Your Wallet – If you want to be talked out of taking out a 75-96 month car loan, read this. While it may seem like a good idea to get a long term car loan right now, there are plenty of reasons why it would be a bad idea in the long run.

The Diderot Effect – Denis Diderot, an 18th century writer, reminds us that newer and bigger isn't always better. Instead, it can often lead to debt. Find out if you've gotten caught up in the Diderot Effect.

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