Quick Money Tips: I’m Fine, Thanks

Welcome to PT Money’s Quick Money Tips, a roundup of the latest and greatest money tips from around Internet.

In today’s edition, we focus on a new documentary I’m supporting called I’m Fine, Thanks. It’s being released by Crank Tank Studios, a project co-owned by someone you are surely familiar with, my friend Adam Baker from Man Vs. Debt.

The documentary focuses on complacency, freedom, and intentional living; issues that definitely relate to managing your finances properly.

I hope you will check out the trailer, and that it resonates with you like it did me. Would love to hear your thoughts of the trailer in the comment section below.

Also, I hope you’ll consider joining me in support of the film through the Kickstarter campaign. View the different support levels for I’m Fine, Thanks. Just $5 gets you a full digital download of the film when it’s released.

Best Quick Money Tips

Why Everyone Means To, But Nobody Really Budgets — Some tips for those who aren’t tracking their spending monthly, which, apparently, is the majority of people.

House #2 Is Rented–How Good of a Deal Was It? — Paula from AffordAnything.com shares her experience with renting out a house she bought. It’s a good read for anyone considering property management.

Wiping Out $90,000 in Student Loans in 7 Months — Maybe he didn’t choose the most orthodox methods for eradicating student loans, but hey, he paid them off in 7 months.

Facebook IPO Post Mortem–Killer–But Not For the Reasons You Think — Mark Cuban’s take on Facebook’s stock. Find out how much he bought too.

More Quick Money Tips

What Were They Thinking? 10 Grocery Product Ideas That Flopped — Do you remember any of these famous flops? Coors bottled water? How did I miss that one?

Checking (and Correcting) Your Social Security Earnings Record — Your Social Security statement can now be viewed online. You can also make corrections to your record if needed. Note: do not try to sign up “after hours”. You will waste your time and not find out till the end of the registration process. Agh!

8 Kid Entrepreneurs to Watch — From hair to food to clothing products, they’re all 18 and under and pretty fascinating.

5 Hot Green Jobs Available Today — Passionate about sustainable living? Need a job? Here are 5 career choices that incorporate both aspects and are hot right now.

Credit Scores and Fannie Mae–What You Need to Know — Includes what score you’ll need to meet Fannie Mae’s guidelines and how the score affects closing costs.

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