Fifteen Funny Ways We Save Money On Summer Roadtrips

Roadtrips are a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy the summer. These vacations are always memorable, although not always in the ways we’d imagine.

If you’ve taken a summer road trip, it might have gone something like this, especially when you’re trying to save a few bucks.

Have you ever gone to extremes to save a few bucks on your summer road trip? Check out this list of 15 funny ways to save money to see if you can relate. It may even help you plan your vacation for this summer!

1. Agonize for days over finding the best vacation deals.



Image by: dearbarbie

2. Decide to travel to where no one else will.


Because who doesn’t love the desert in summer?

Image by:  °Florian


Gives new meaning to a hurricane “getaway.”

Image by: kansasphoto

3. Obsessively plan every activity.


Make sure everyone has a copy of the agenda!

Image by: creativedc

4. Plan to wake up early and hit the road!


It’s not like you took time off from work to sleep, right?

Image by: bark

5. But rush to leave when you’re hours later than planned.


Gotta enjoy every minute of this 7-day vacation!

Image by: royal_broil

6. Cram everyone and everything into one car.


No need to gas up two vehicles.

Image by: Laurel Fan

7. Go to great lengths to avoid tolls.


Optimal toll-avoiding vehicle.

Image by: indigoprime

8. Save a few bucks by renting the most “rustic” place you can bear.


It looked so much nicer in the ad…

Image by: ex_magician

9. Bring along the extended family.


The more, the merrier! (and cheaper)

Image by: timparkinson

10. Resort to the easiest and cheapest foods to prepare.


It’s a vacation from cooking real meals, too

Image by: spcbrass

11. Get a good ol’ board game going.


See how long everyone can tolerate Monopoly.

Image by: zeitrafferin

12. Squeeze in a free tour or two.

13. Get back to nature.


Go places where no one cares if you look like this.

Image by: wetwebwork

14. Bring back the best souvenirs $5 can buy.


Grandpa is gonna love this!

Image by: Newtown graffiti

15. Head home and rest after an exhausting week off.


Sleep off all the excitement.

Image by: Tobyotter

How do you save money on your summer road trip?

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  1. GaelicWench says

    I LOVE camping as a way to vacay, the outdoors and eating camp food. I don’t know why, but my appetite grows exponentially when I am outside round the clock. And EVERYTHING tastes good, even PB&J which I eat very little of at home. But I’ve gone camping with my family from the time I was a baby. That continued on into my teens and then when I was in the Air Force. Then when I married, the camping continued with my husband and even 18 days after delivering my daughter. Camping continued on when my son joined the Cub/Boy Scouts. 
    I, too, love going where very few go. National Parks during off peak times; less people and cheaper park fees. A simple day hike with plenty of water and energy snacks is a great way to spend the day. And boy, I sleep better in my tent and sleeping bag than any hotel room money can buy. It’s a great way to save money, spend massive amounts of energy and come back re-energized without blowing the budget.

  2. Joshua Rodriguez says

    I love exploring where no one else goes. It’s the best kind of adventure and it’s free! PB&J sandwiches go a long way when on a tight budget and the protein is great for energy while exploring. Great photos!

  3. CommonCentsWealth says

    Haha, these are awesome.  I hate to say it, but I’ve done many of these when going on vacation.  I’m a sucker for trying to find the best vacation deals and eating the cheapest foods while on the road.  If I feel like I got a good deal, I’ll be more apt to enjoy the entire vacation.