Frontline’s Generation Like: The Connection Between Social Media and Your Money

Generation Like
The latest Frontline is titled Generation Like. It's about the intersection of social media and the marketing of consumer goods. It's mostly just a snapshot of where things are with online marketing.

It covers a lot of familiar ground: “likes” are currency, brands want to work with the most connected, social networks use your information to market to you, we buy things that our friends like, etc.

But it also deals with the idea that kids (and we as a society) might not realize (or just might not care) that we are selling out our selves and our craft – whether that be singing or skateboarding – for the hopes of fame and money.

Some troubling characters arose from this narrative. But the kids mainly seemed like a result of bad parenting from my perspective.

Like many of you, I'm torn when it comes to social media. Occasionally I have the wild desire to shut my profiles down and get rid of the smart phone. But I eventually talk myself down given all the positive things that those things provide me. And personally I've been able to profit from these mediums.

I do worry about how I'll be able to protect my children from the dangers of social media and constant connectivity. But I also want to teach them to properly leverage them when the time is right.

This wasn't my favorite episode, but like every good Frontline does, it gets us talking about the issue and exploring ways to improve our position and lives given the current state of things.

Did you watch it? What are your conclusions? What are your thoughts on social media in general? Is it affecting what you consume? How will you handle it (or how are you handling it) with your children?

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Last Edited: June 26, 2017 @ 4:17 pm
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