25 Odd and Inspiring Photos of People’s Feet on Staycation

Need some inspiration for what to do on your next staycation? Check out these 25 photos of how these folks like to kick it while they're staycationing. You'll probably want to post your on foot photo to instagram!

Staycation (stay-ca-tion) – A vacation you take at home, or close by.

People like going on staycation because it helps them save a little money. People like taking pictures of their feet on staycation.

Oddly, people like sharing those pictures of their feet on staycation with the rest of the world via Instagram. And to those people, I say “thank you!”

Here are 25 odd, yet inspiring photos from people (and their feet) on staycation. Before you start, get a little Cheryl Crow Stay (originally named Staycation) going in the background.

Now get ready to be inspired by these staycation feet fotos.

staycation hammock nikay_v
These feet are lucky enough to live close to a beach and a hammock.
by nikay_v

staycation art imwiththedeejay
These feet enjoy great art and architecture on staycation.
by imwiththedeejay

staycation dog days okprettypua
These feet know how to enjoy the dog days of Summer.
by okprettypua

staycation beer dollydagger79
These feet like having a beer on staycation.
by dollydagger79

staycation pool kellynyree
These feet are kicking it poolside, classic staycation style.
by kellynyree

staycation run loree_sp
These feet are exercising on staycation.
by loree_sp

staycation waterfall peterdapake
These feet found a buddy and a waterfall while hiking on staycation.
by peterdapake

staycation dry poolside danidelite
These feet are staying dry by the pool during staycation.
by dandelite

staycation tv hookah ladylendses
These feet like a little TV with their hookah while on staycation.
by ladylendses

staycation peti party learning2danceintherain
These feet had a pedi party for staycation.
by learning2danceintherain

staycation fashion girloclock
These feet are into fashion while on staycation.
by girloclock

staycation hammock texlady
These feet are enjoying a hammock in their backyard, perfect for staycation.
by texlady

staycation toes in sand nea1027
These feet know how to dip their toes in the sand on staycation.
by nea1027

staycation backyard akikokoro
These feet like relaxing in the backyard.
by akikokor

staycation bath lisalong
These feet like taking a bath on staycation.
by lisalong

staycation pool alone garyweber
These feet are all alone at the pool on staycation.
by garyweber

staycation cider garden cck76
These feet found a cider beer and a beautiful garden to relax in.
by cck76

staycation blue toes courtneysue415
These feet like to color coordinate their pool time on staycation.
by courtneysue415

staycation memorial day foodventure_girl
These feet are celebrating Memorial Day for staycation.
by foodventure_girl

staycation old school jacquimlogan
These feet like to use the old school filter.
by jacquimlogan

staycation yoga carolebakertv
These feet did some yoga and then found a hammock.
by carolbakertv

staycation book erelander
These feet are doing some reading while on staycation.
by erelander

staycation another pool thatgalsal
These feet like the pool too for staycation.
by thatgalsal

staycation jacuzzi helloelo
These feet found a jacuzzi for staycation.
by helloelo

staycation couple tiffanymartin_
Hey now!
by toffanymartin

What kind of staycation do you (or your feet) plan on taking this Summer?

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  1. Looks like a good pedicure is a prerequisite for a staycation… unless you’re that guy with the hairy legs.

  2. CommonCentsWealth says:

    If I had the views of half of these people, I wouldn’t ever need to go on a real vacation.  I consider a real vacation to be going anywhere where there is an ocean beach or pool (we have neither here in MN).