Family Finance Carnival: TV Families Quiz Edition

Welcome to the March 29, 2011 edition of family finance carnival. This edition is prepared in honor of all the great TV families I watched growing up. Can you name the shows featuring these 12 families (bonus points if you can name the family's last name)?

Famous TV Families

Money Advice for Not-So-Famous Families

You don't have to be a famous TV family to have your finances in order. Check out these blog posts I've written on helping your family finances:

Family Hacks

Angela England, Feature Writer presents Money Saving Tip Using Seperate Savings Accounts posted at Untrained Housewife, saying, “Save money wisely as a family by allotting your spending with intention!”

Jason Price presents How Kids Can Earn Money this Summer posted at One Money Design, saying, “Help your kids earn money this summer and develop a strong work ethic and learn responsibility.

Fanny Seto presents 5 Tips for Saving Money for a Baby posted at Living Richly on a Budget, saying, “There's no doubt that having a baby can be expensive. Here are 5 ways to save money on baby expenses.”

Mike @ Green Panda presents Planning My First Baby’s College Savings posted at Green Panda Treehouse, saying, “Getting ready for your first baby.”

Neal Frankle presents Teach Kids About Money? The Free Guide posted at Wealth Pilgrim, saying, “If you have kids and you’ve faced financial trouble sometime in your life, you probably want to do everything in your power to make sure they don’t relive your difficult experiences. That’s certainly the case for David, a Wealth Pilgrim reader who dropped me a note last week asking what he could do to make sure he raises his kids to be money smart.”

Financial Management

Peter presents How To Save Money On Gas posted at Bible Money Matters, saying, “Gas prices are on the rise. Here's how to save some precious cash on your gas.”

Mr. Money Smarts presents How To Financially Prepare For A Disaster posted at Smart On Money, saying, “You never know when a disaster may strike, so it's important to plan ahead.”

Nathan Richardson presents How to Start an Emergency Fund When You're Broke posted at Deals & Tips, saying, “Starting an emergency fund can save you thousands in interest charges by avoiding credit cards and short term loans. Learn how to make one when you're broke.”

Glen presents Amazon Mom Review – Free Amazon Prime As Well As Discounts posted at Parenting Family Money, saying, “Amazon Mom provides any caregiver discounts, free Amazon Prime, and the convenience to shop for your baby items from home. See more in this review.”

Sun presents Rollover 401(K) Account to an IRA Account After Leaving Your Job posted at The Sun’s Financial Diary.

Outlaw presents Money Myth #1: Cancelling Credit Cards is a Good Idea posted at Outlaw Finance, saying, “use credit responsibly, but don't go overboard.”

Clariity presents How to Make a Will Legally Binding posted at Living With Clariity, saying, “This article tells you what you need to do to make your Last Will and Testament a legal, enforceable document.”

Bucksome presents Pet Medical Expenses Add Up this Month posted at Buck$ome Boomer's Journey to Retirement, saying, “The cost of pets is always readily apparent, but it hit us in the wallet this month.”

CreditDonkey presents Dining Rewards: 5 Ways to Feast on Reward Credit Cards posted at Tips, saying, “Eating out with a family gets expensive. Read 5 tips to get rewards and save on dining out.”


Fred Lee presents Tax Software Buying Guide posted at Parenting Squad.

Odysseas presents Paying Taxes on Debt? You Have Got to Be Kidding Me posted at Wallet Blog, saying, “I explain why and how you can be taxed on your credit card debt. Managing debt can be very overwhelming, especially when you're not aware of all the regulations surrounding various debt management solutions.”

Buying a Car

Michael Shade presents 12 Steps to a Free Car for Life! posted at MTMA, saying, “This isn't just about having a free car for life, but also has side consequences of becoming wealthy without knowing it, by just doing these steps. Takes discipline, but is simple to understand.”

Answer Key: 1. Family Ties 2. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 3. A Full House 4. Charles in Charge 5. Sanford and Son 6. The Wonder Years 7. Different Strokes 8. The Brady Bunch 9. Family Matters 10. Growing Pains 11. Who's the Boss 12. The Cosby Show

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  1. Kay Lynn @ Bucksome Boomer says:

    The pictures with 80’s hair sure bring back memories! Thanks for hosting and including my post.

  2. SophieMae says:

    Nice job, Michael!
    But the Cosby Show’s family name was Huxtable. 8-}

  3. Philip Taylor says:

    All too dysfunctional/real for my taste, Glen.

  4. What, no Simpsons, Roseanne, or Married With Children?

    Thanks for hosting!

  5. Thanks for including me and for hosting! Great theme!

  6. Let’s see here

    (1) Keaton’s from Family Ties
    (2) Banks’ from Fresh Prince of Bel Air
    (3) Tanner’s from Full House
    (4) Pembroke’s from Charles in Charge
    (5) Sanford’s from Sanford and Son
    (6) Arnold’s from The Wonder Years
    (7) Drummond’s/Jackson’s from Different Strokes
    (8) Brady’s from The Brady Bunch
    (9) Winslow’s from Family Matters
    (10) Seaver’s from Growing Pains
    (11) Bower’s / Miceli’s from Who’s the Boss
    (12) Cosby’s from The Cosby Show

    What do I win … what do I win!!!!