Companion Airline Ticket from Promotions in Travel, Dish Pronto, and Dish Network – Worthless Rebate Rewards

Companion Airline Ticket Finally Arrives

Please forgive me for this rant.  Last month I wrote about the 3 Steps to Stress-Free Rebates.  Obviously I haven’t taken my own advice because I’m pretty stressed right now. 🙂 In that posts, I shared that I was waiting, not so patiently, on a free companion airline ticket to arrive from Dish Pronto.  I’d earned this reward for signing up for Dish Network satellite service through Dish Pronto, their sales affiliate.  Well, it finally arrived.  Yay!  …not so fast.

The Rebate is Worthless to Me

I don’t know about you, but when I hear “free companion airline ticket”, I get pretty excited.  Images of Mrs. PT and I hitting the ski slopes or chillin’ on a beach somewhere for half the price go running through my head.  Once I received the registration form for ordering the ticket, I began to see why Dish Pronto offered this deal up so readily.  It’s basically worthless.  The Zone Fare Chart on the registration form explains that to fly from my zone (Zone 5) to any other zone, I’m going to have to pay $400 to $460, plus taxes and fees.  $460!?!  Really?  I can fly anywhere in the US for around $250 max next weekend.  Here’s a picture of the Zone Fare Chart and cities in each zone:



To be fair, there are a couple of trips from Zone 1 and Zone 7 (Florida, not shown) that might provide a hint of savings, but I’m nowhere near those zones, and I’d bet the vast majority of Dish Network customers aren’t either.  Why would they offer this as an incentive to the vast majority of their customers if it provides no real value?  I think I found one reason…it’s cheap.  Really cheap!

Promotions in Travel: The “Route” Cause

A company called Promotions in Travel, whose motto it is to “Motivate, Excite, Reward, and Repeat”, produces these “non-rewarding” companion airline ticket vouchers and sells them to companies like Dish Pronto for $4 a pop to help push products.  Yes, $4!  The sad thing is, I think Dish Pronto paid too much.  I contacted Promotions in Travel at to let them know of my disappointment with the product.

Dish Network and Dish Pronto: I Need Value

When I placed the order for Dish Network service, I trusted that I was getting something of value for dealing with the biggest affiliate, Dish Pronto, and jumping through all the hoops to get the reward.  Companies like Dish Network should really think twice about the promotions they use to get their products out there.  I also emailed Dish Network parent EchoStar’s Management at to express my concern for these types of promotions.

Bottom Line: I Didn’t Do My Research

I admit.  I got suckered.  Remember that step 2 in my 3 Steps to Stress-Free Rebates is to “do some research ahead of time”:

“…if you’re considering buying something with a rebate, odds are someone else has too.  Do a quick search online for any complaints about the rebate or any negative information about the company you are buying from.”

Funny how we sometimes don’t take our own advice.  🙂  After I received the reward form in the mail last week and saw that it was produced by Promotions in Travel, I did a Google search for them.  The 3rd search result for Promotions in Travel at the time of this post was an article entitled “Free Companion Ticket: What’s the Real Value of a Free Companion Airline Ticket?”.  In this article, Bob Cowen, The Internet Travel Guru (TM), explains why,

“In most cases, it’s not worth paying the price of a stamp to mail the form to request the “free companion” voucher.”

Bob goes on to do a test run of 10 flight scenarios and states:

“The result: CompanionFare prices had only 35% availability and were higher 80% of the time!  Two lessons to be learned: don’t use the offer of a “free ticket” in deciding to buy something; if your company is considering offering this type of promotion to help sell your products, check-out the real value to your customers.  In this case, 80% of the customers will be disappointed (if my testing is typical).  Is this what you want your customers to think of your company?”

Wow, I couldn’t have said it better myself Bob.  Great information.  Just wish I’d found it sooner.

Have you been tricked into chasing one of these worthless rebate rewards?  Let me hear your story in the comments below.  Also, help spread the word by StumblingUpon or Digging this article so that others can be warned in the future.  Maybe we can stop these types of promotions.

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  1. FrequentFlyer says

    Glad I did my research first. I have several options through a hotel rewards program and I always have a ton of points so I look for other ways to “get rewarded”. I am glad I came along this blog before I wasted my rewards.

  2. Thanks for this blog! I just had a business credit card offer with this exact incentive and I as tempted, but paperwork now is headed to the shredder!

  3. The picture is cut-off, what are the rates if I’m in zone 3, flying to zone 8? Can anyone answer that? My thought is that if I can get 2 tickets to Hawaii for $1000 then that’s a good deal…normally it costs about that just for one.

  4. Guest from Iowa says

    Wow! I DID follow that webber’s advice and CHECKED THIS CO. OUT ONLINE before purchasing a Choice Hotel and paying in advance. Glad that I did- I booked it regularly and chose the Domino’s pizza instead. Thanks, PT for the heads up!!

  5. It’s very disappointing that these American “blue chip” companies are scamming their customers to drum up business.

  6. If anyone isn’t using their ticket and is willing to pass it along, please let me know!

  7. I just received one. You do know that the prices listed are for TWO ROUND TRIP tickets? If I want to fly from Zone 5 to Zone 1 (the East Coast) next weekend, it will cost about 700 dollars for two round trip tickets.This company will charge you about 500. Still cheaper.

  8. GM Card Mastercard is offering the free companion ticket for charging at least $2500 per month for the next three months. I appreciate your heads up to this offer.

  9. Hey, your $29 is cheaper than my BOA stated offer…they want $49 from me! I actually used a competing service that is similar and saved $30 for 2 tickets overall….not a huge savings and certainly NOT a free companion ticket, but then again that offer was free w/o a upfront fee…

  10. Bank of America is offering the same promotion to their credit card holders for one year at a cost of $29.


  11. Yeah,

    My Alumni Association (the Association of Graduates of the United States Air Force Academy) used these jokers when they were updating their Directory. Same thing promotional tickets for $150… come to find out my $150 got me ability to buy one ticket with the zone pricing and get another. I could by 3 tickets for the overall price of their one! I’m very dissappointed in the product and even more dissappointed in my alma mater!


  12. I've used these says

    I sent my certificate in and had no problems.. got a mailing back and booked my flight online. I saved over $100 for my flights to San Diego…

  13. @lotsalaughter @AB – I’m so happy to hear my post saved you some frustration. Good luck on your travels.

    @Caye Inglis – the website is

  14. Thanks, I have been holding onto this certificate for months and now getting to the deadline and filled it out, then decided to check the website for any info. The website they gave is not coming up and so I found this post of yours. Kinda saved me alot of frustration. I was wondering about those rates myself. I know I can get it cheaper.

  15. Caye Inglis says

    must I travel by the expiration date on the voucher I am to return to you? Is there a phone number to ask further questions? Thanks

  16. lotsalaughter says

    I was just about to send my certificate in and get my companion ticket. Thanks for your was well worth the read

  17. Wow, thats pretty low. Though, generally, anytime something seems like a great deal…TOO good a deal…there is reason for it 😉

  18. @Emily – Yeah, it was frustrating, especially since I had to work so hard (all the snail mail and about 5 or so customer service calls) to even get it. After writing the post, I discovered an old post I’d written about Dish Network. Seems they have a record of disappointment.

    @Jesse – yep, couldn’t agree more. you’ve got to know the full story.

  19. Oh how frustrating!

    I do hear Florida’s lovely this time of year 🙂