10 People Who Can’t Afford It Right Now

With so many people living beyond their means, being able to admit you can’t afford it is a good thing. But don’t use it as a crutch and don’t use it when you’re simply choosing to spend your money elsewhere. It’s more empowering and positive to say “I’m choosing to spend my money on something else.”

Here’s 10 people from Twitter who can’t afford it right now.

1. Can’t Afford Real Bacon


Image by cookbookman17

2. Can’t Afford to Be On Hoarders


Image by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious

3. Can’t Afford a Shower on Sims

4. Can’t Afford to Eat…Blame the iPhone 5


Image by @boetter

5. Can’t Afford Grass-Fed Beef

grass fed

Image by Robert Couse-Baker

6. Can’t Afford to Go to Harry Potter School

7. Can’t Afford More Concert Tickets

concert tickets

Image by duh.denise

8. Can’t Afford Versace

9. Can’t Afford the Expensive Starbucks Stuff

iced coffee

Image by AleXander Agopian

10. No Comment

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  1. Funny post. I think the images you used for this post perfectly illustrates our obsession with consumerism. Living beyond our means has become a staple of our culture.