Book Review: Easy Money by Liz Pulliam Weston

Easy Money by Liz WestonToday I’ll be sharing my review of Liz Pulliam Weston’s latest book, Easy Money: How to Simplify Your Finances and Get What You Want Out of Life.

I picked up this book on Amazon shortly after I knew I would get the chance to meet Liz at the Pay Yourself First Challenge kick-off event in Omaha. In addition to the book review, I’m hoping to sit down with Liz for a quick interview, which I’ll post soon.

About Liz Pulliam Weston

Liz is probably best known for her weekly columns at MSN Money. She is a Certified Financial Planner and has been featured on Marketplace Money and NBC’s Today’s Show. Visit Liz’s Blog.

Content of the Book

In the book, Liz uses her no-nonsense style to cover many personal finance related topics quickly. The main focus, of course, is simplifying your financial situation. Liz wastes no time getting to that point.

The first couple of chapters of this book about easy money focus on the basics of organization and spending. Here’s a quick break-down of all the chapters:

  • Setting Up Your Financial Life
  • Take Charge of Your Spending
  • Get the Most Out of Your Credit Cards
  • The No-Sweat Guide to Retirement (and other) Investing
  • The Easy Way to Save for College
  • Insurance: Protecting What You Have – And Will Have
  • Buying Homes and Cars
  • When You Need Help
  • Be a Savvy Shopper
  • Changing Your Uneasy Mind
  • Setting Goals, Or What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?

My Thoughts on Easy Money

The book is very readable and at under 200 pages, can be read fairly quickly (especially if you pick and choose on some of the topical chapters). I appreciated how quickly Liz gets to the point of the book in the first chapter.

Not that it’s any less important, but she saves the motivational, goal-setting stuff for the back-end which I think is great. She gives you the knowledge and then leaves you with the motivation to go forward with it.

Liz is definitely an expert and it shows with the specific steps and extra tips and tricks she shares. I would highly recommend Easy Money: How to Simplify Your Finances and Get What You Want Out of Life to anyone who’s looking to gain a little more control over their finances, learn more about specific personal finance topics, as well as, find some motivation to keep you going.

Have you read any of Liz’ books or used any of her personal finance advice over the years?

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  1. I’m saving for a trip to Ireland. Thanks!

  2. I am currently saving for a car to replace our 13 year old car.

  3. The contest is now closed. Winner will be chosen and announced this weekend. Thanks everyone!

  4. currently we are saving just for peace of mind to have a good size emergency fund just so it will be there if we ever need it

  5. Samantha Pruitt says

    just saving for whatever comes up!

  6. i hope i’m not too late. i’m saving to go to the world cup in 2010 in south africa

  7. I’m saving money for…everything. I save money just in case anything ever happens…basically an emergency fund. If one of us were to lose our job, an accident leave’s someone unable to work, etc., there will be money for us to live off of for awhile. I always like having money put away just in case…you never know what could happen or when you might really, truly need that money!

    Also, I am saving money to help pay for my college classes that I am currently taking.

    Thanks for the great giveaway! 😀

  8. I am saving for a new used car

  9. Stephanie Bruce says

    We are just trying to learn to a handle on savings first and then we will pick out a goal. I am still just trying to get our budget under control and get a rainy day emergenecy fund

  10. Wow. I’m overwhelmed with the response to this question guys. Seems everyone is passionate about what they are saving for. Thanks for contributing. I’ll randomly select a winner sometime late Friday and probably announce it over the weekend.

  11. We are big savers and budgeters! Most of our savings is for retirement, but we also save up for the next car, any furniture, electronics, home improvements, etc. that we are planning to buy (we always pay in full for everything).

  12. I am saving to buy a bigger apartment so I can have foster children.

  13. I’m saving for the sake of saving. Sure, we’ll eventually have a new house, and eventually need to buy a new-to-us car, retire, and want things like vacations and new clothes and the occasional dinner out.

    But mostly I’m saving because I’ve trained myself to do so, and promptly pretend I don’t have it.

    That helps me save more.

  14. We are saving for an emergency fund. Thanks!

  15. Savings? I have savings? …I am saving to one day enjoy the fruits of my labor. 😉

    a.k.a. – everything (EF, kid’s college, house, to travel, retirement). But, I really just want to save to buy a farm house in the New England area, to buy a small bakery/food establishment to feed people and socialize the good life.

  16. SingleGuyMoney says

    Outside of my regular retirement savings, I’m also saving for a kitchen remodel and my next car.

    Great contest, I hope I win!! 🙂

  17. Vacation fund, increased emergency fund, and retirement!

  18. What am I not saving for?!

    Trips around the world. Holiday gifts. New car. New furniture. Home enhancements.

    The low hanging fruit though? Every one of the seven weddings we have to go to in the next two months. Everything else is going towards the small credit card debt I have left.

  19. I am saving to get married and buy a house and travel the world and drink different beers while traveling the world.

  20. We have several savings accounts. Retirement is a big one, but there are lots of others. A new-to-us car, our son’s education, solar panels, and an emergency fund are the official categories.

  21. Stacy Trottier says

    We are currently saving to send our 2 kids to college (among other things.) Good luck to everyone in meeting their financial goals!

  22. I am saving up for a chance to see the US golf Masters at Augusta next year!

  23. Connie Brooks says

    Wow. I just finished reading Liz’s credit repair book – it was excellent. I am a real fan of hers.

    Let’s see, we are saving for a new used car. 🙂
    Not wanting that payment unless we have to have it.

    Wow, if you get an interview, I am SO jealous!

  24. A family trip to see Mickey.

  25. I’d like to try to save for a decent down payment on a car.

  26. Well, this might be silly-but I am saving for new t.v. Ours quit working!

  27. i’m saving for money to pay back college loans, thanks for the chance to win this book

  28. Saving to buy a car in 2010 after my current lease ends. Yep, i know leasing is a bad idea, hence the saving strategy.

  29. tiffany pettey says

    im saving to build a house

  30. Saving to return to school for a bachelor’s in Business Administration, with a concentration in personal finance. Then again, I did the completely irrational thing and bought tickets to Metallica last night. Floor, Row 6. Nope, no regrets!

  31. I’m saving to build up my emergency fund and to pay down my debt.

  32. I am currently saving for a down payment on a house.

  33. Uncommonadvice says

    At the moment I’m saving to make overpayments on my mortgage – the only problem is my house value is dropping faster than my debt!

  34. We are saving for an emergency fund. We are just beginning this process and trying to stay motivated.

  35. We’re currently saving up for a “new” used car for my wife for the year 2012 🙂

  36. A house! And we’ve been saving 35% of our income, so maybe soon… 🙂 I really want to have 20% for the downpayment!

  37. At this moment I am saving for an emergency fund. I also have a loose change bucket that is saving for a Disney trip.

  38. I am saving for a guitar

  39. I am saving to pay my 2008 taxes. I am a little behind.